Getting Ready for a Homeschool Convention #2


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It’s time for the HEAV (Home Educators Association of Virginia) Convention again, and I thought it would be a good idea to re-share my posts to get you ready!!!

I have to confess – I’m not “organizing and preparing” like I did last year. I have a few reasons – #1: We’re so far “behind” who knows when we will actually finish this year (this year has been the year of field trips and unscheduled days off due to sickness and Mommy’s job), and #2: We’re moving this summer. I have enough to deal with in organizing for that – I just can’t deal with with planning ahead for next fall too! I’ll organized the stuff I want to sell maybe next year.

Actually, I do have some stuff planned – I’m looking at a well-recommended co-op in our new town, a friend and I are working out a trade for some of next year’s curriculum that she didn’t use, and I’ve already picked out our math (we switched mid-year). So, I don’t have any new major things to plan for. BUT, I still think this article has some great advice, and wanted to pass it along to all of you!

Soooooooooo, in my last post, we talked about becoming spiritually ready for convention.

After that, I’d say step to get ready for convention is to organize, evaluate, and consolidate!


First of all, do you want to participate in the Used Curriculum Sale? Right now is the time to sign up and get ready! Start pulling all of your “old stuff” together for the sale, and get it priced.

And then have a little weep over all the curriculum that you have to say goodbye to.

Goodbye MFW Kindergarten Curriculum (and random preschool stuff. Snif, snif.

Goodbye MFW Kindergarten Curriculum (and random preschool stuff). Sniff, sniff.

I just want to point out this is the only picture you’re getting in this post, and yes, I did crop out all the mess surrounding this picture!

And this is where I just got stuck. I know this all needs to go, we’re completely maxed out already and we’re not going to be using it again. But oh, it’s just so hard to let go! I have such emotional attachment and memory attachment to these books and items!

And I honestly just couldn’t handle the thought of the consignment process. If my kids were older, I might assign this to them as a project! :) But, since they aren’t, I decided to forgo the consignment sale route this year (the selling – not the buying, LOL!) and I’ve floated around the idea of sending the whole kit and caboodle to a local homeschooling mom with up-and-coming kindergarteners. For me, right now, this is just a much easier option. That all might change next year though!


Now that the old is gone, evaluate what is left. Have you pre-bought/pre-collected items for next year? Get them together and see where the holes are. Any missing gaps? Make sure you make a note of it for convention.

Have you made your decisions for your curriculum for next year? Where are your continued question marks? Any wish lists?

To add to that list: any questions that you really wish you can ask for help on? Last year there were “Curriculum Doctors” and they were the absolute sweetest ladies on the planet. So calm and so reassuring to this new homeschooling mama, AND they had such great ideas for me – at the time we were stuck at the dreaded “Addition Math Facts” hurdle. To the point where I’d been calling my mom begging her for advice!

(Side note just so you can get that joke: My mother – super-analytical-brained CPA. Me – artsy-creative-thinker, and DEFINITELY NOT a CPA, who still to this day does her checkbook on the computer so she doesn’t have to add or subtract. My mother and I and doing math homework growing up??? Quite a funny picture. I was more interested in the story behind the math problem, asking why Jenny and John wanted to put their apples together in one basket, and my mother would just say, “Just answer the problem already!” Such irony, I not only homeschool but I’m now the one trying to teach someone math! Oh well, guess you had to be there.)

And the rest of the folks at the HEAV convention? From the volunteers manning the “new to homeschooling” booth to the vendors in the exhibition hall? Just awesome. Learned so much that I’m surprised my head didn’t explode.


This is just a simple note to say that this is a good time to get all of this wonderful pondering and prepping organized in one place. In some sort of fashion that would make it easy to carry around the convention hall.

Because you know you’re going to forget something and just want to give yourself a good head-slap. Or you get home and realize you bought things you don’t end up needing. Like a particular book on my bookshelf that I have bought THREE TIMES. Because every time I see it I buy it, forgetting that I’ve done that twice already! Or, ya know, you already have six-zillion different science experiment idea books on your shelf, you really don’t need the five more you impulse-bought at the exhibition hall. Ya know. Or, the REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION about math curriculum that you only remembered to ask the last two hours of the convention, so you have to race around looking for that particular person who is the perfect person to ask, that you already had the half-hour conversation with the day before? Ya know, that sort of thing!

Not that I’m talking from experience, of course. Not at all!

And also, that might just help a little with the house being too complete of a disaster to even take pictures issue. Not that I’m speaking from experience there, either.

Oh, and please, if you haven’t already, STOP RIGHT NOW AND REGISTER. RIGHT NOW!


HEAV- Home Educators Association of Virginia – website

Are you following HEAV on Facebook? Do you know there are bloggers giving away passes to the convention in the next few weeks?

Be sure to be following me on Facebook as well, my time to do a convention pass giveaway will be coming up very soon!


“I am excited to be a blogger for HEAV this year. In exchange for sharing my honest opinion about this convention, I was provided with a family registration at no charge.”

Getting Ready for a Homeschool Convention #1


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It’s time for the HEAV (Home Educators Association of Virginia) Convention again, and I thought it would be a good idea to re-share my posts to get you ready!!!

Just a FEW Weeks to the HEAV (Home Educators Association of Virginia) Convention! Are you guys excited??

And are you registered????? Because registration is now open! Clicky Here (And if I were you, I’d go ahead and get that hotel room reserved!)

Reading a post from the 2:1 Conference, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about getting ready for the upcoming homeschool conference.

In previous First Things First posts, I’ve talked about the idea of making sure we put Christ first in everything we do. And I really like the idea of practicing what I preach to my girls as well – if I say I want to put God first in our homeschool life, then just maybe I should start putting him first in my preparation of it as well!

So that’s my challenge for YOU this week. Are you putting God FIRST in your homeschool preparation? Before the research of curriculum choices, before the sorting and organizing for the Used Curriculum Sale, before asking a zillion other homeschool moms their opinions on various programs — Have you put FIRST THINGS FIRST?

Please take some time this week and prepare your heart with God. Spend time getting His input on your children’s education!

After all, who could really know your children better than the Maker and Creator? (1 Peter 4:19)

Who could know what is truly going to up in the next year better than the One who sees all? (Psalm 139:1-5)

Who is the One who holds your kids in the palm of His hand? (John 10:29)


And pray not only for your children, but what about you? (Oh, and the spouse, of course!)

After all, this is the stereotypical time of the year that you plan for next. And how can you lead unless you are being led by the Commander of the Heavenly Hosts?  (Isaiah 55:4)

Pray that you will continue to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” even before advanced “education.” Beg the One Who Sees All to open your eyes, so that you can see the vision as well, and the road before you.

Ask that He prepare your heart before you arrive, so not only can this (not-so-little) homeschool convention be MORE than just about “school.” May this be a time of rejuvenation, of strengthening, of clarity, of encouragement. Oh, and of fun! Nothing wrong with asking that God help you truly enjoy your time there!

Each week until the HEAV Convention, I’ll be posting more thoughts on getting prepared! Stay tuned!!!


“I am excited to be a blogger for HEAV this year. In exchange for sharing my honest opinion about this convention, I was provided with a family registration at no charge.”

Back in the Saddle, and Back to Blogging


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It’s been a CRAZY year this year. Oh my gosh, HOW INSANE.

And of course, we decided to make it even more insane by putting our girls in Upward Sports this winter. There went our entire Saturday EVERY Saturday, for the past three months.  But they loved it. LOVED it. Sigh. At least it counts as PE, right.

i-KSKRKkD-L???????????????????????????????In the midst of all this, I’ve been working more than should be humanly possible, AND we’ve been trying to crank through as much homeschool as we could. We have a bit of a self-imposed deadline due to our upcoming move this summer – which I really don’t think we’re going to meet. Sigh. I would really love to not have to do homeschool in a hotel room and while dealing with relocating. Might not be possible though.

That truly has been the extent of our lives for the past few months. Not too much exciting to share or report.

Oh, but I have to share this cute picture. Our youngest was reading the story of Joseph in her Bible reader (My Father’s World 1st grade) and drew this picture. Notice she labeled him “Jose.” Ha! #SpanishSpeakersUnite!


Now that Upward Sports is over, I can try to catch up on all my blogging here, AND start getting ready for our move and for HEAV’s homeschool convention! You’ll be seeing a lot about that in upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

What have we been up to?

Hello! Yes, I’ve been MIA for quite a while, and I apologize! Our 2014 has been quite nutso! I’ve been working a ton, and on top of all that I’ve been trying to crank out (and heck, one day actually finish) several projects for work and get them out of the way before the year got too far gone. Well, they haven’t gone as quickly as I’d like, but I’m making progress.

In fact, I finally finished our taxes TODAY, and so to celebrate I’m working on a few things that I’ve had to put on the back burner. Like posting here!

So, this is how we have spent the first part of our year:

Enjoying the multiple Snowmageddon days. Why do homeschool when everyone else gets days off, right??? And oh, I took my own turn on the sled a couple of times. THAT WAS FUN! I’ve never been on a sled before and I had a blast! (Sanity resumed after a few tries though – I’d be the type who’d break my neck doing this.)???????????????????????????????

We also started the girls in Upward Sports, which has completely killed our Saturdays for three months. They love it though.


We’re enjoying American Heritage Girls, and our oldest got her first badges and service stars.


We have been attempting to really focus on our homeschool work and get a lot done while it’s not fun to go outside. Here we are, making the Tower of Babel out of different materials (investigating which tower would be stronger and sturdier)
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

And oh, there was MORE snow. This time it almost buried us under.

Daddy has had quite a few snow days from work, so we really have had more “fun”days than “work” school days, though. Here they are playing Made for Trade. Which is an awesome game if you’re studying the American Colonial time period! (We’re past it, but the girls still want to play it over and over!)

Our new tradition is to have a family “Valentine’s Day” dinner. It’s always way too expensive to go out on Valentine’s Day, and impossible to find a sitter, so we do a family thing, and then hubby and I go out for a Valentine’s celebration later on. The girls chose the menu this year and chose a “breakfast for dinner” meal. We had scrambled egg muffins (just scrambled eggs with a bunch of stuff thrown in and baked in a muffin pan), french toast, and strawberries. They loved it.

On President’s Day, we visited Mount Vernon because it was free to the public. And freezing. We didn’t last very long.


And here we are back at homeschool work again.

And oh my gosh, there was a break in the snow! We got OUTSIDE!!!!!!

(Our youngest was collecting things, while the older was running around like a crazy person. Both happy as clams.)

In February, we were also participated in our homeschool group’s “State Geography Fair” project. Representing the awesome state of Alabama of course!

So there ya go. That’s why I haven’t been here as much. I wish I could say it was going to slow down soon, but it’s not! Oh well, as soon as I can get the last of these projects off my plate I WILL be here more, posting and writing! I’ve got a mountain of ideas I’m sitting on!

State Geography Fair


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As part of our local homeschool group, us parents are expected to volunteer at least once during the year. So, I decided to organize a “State Geography Fair” for our group. Each family chose a state to learn about and share during the event. This is great fun, educational, and can be as wildly creative as you would like! As a plus, this fits in perfectly with our MFW Adventures study this year – studying US History and Geography!

We chose Alabama, since that is our “home” state.


Our “Welcome” Table – Decorated with 4th of July Decorations!


We set out anything USA we might have at home – puzzles, Leapster interactive maps (my favorite), US geography games, etc. These were to entertain kids if they got bored. It worked!


We made my grandmother’s cornbread (but gluten-free version) complete with a cast-iron skillet, and bacon grease. Needless to say, we didn’t have much left over to take home!


Our report, and several books from our library


Our finished display! (The strings are attached to tourist brochures, connected to the cities they go to on the map!)


Roll Tide, by the way!


Organizing this event was super easy. Beyond booking the room, the majority of the work was just keeping track of which family was doing what (trying to avoid duplicates). And sending out an occasional encouraging email to keep them on track. It was great!

Learning Resources and Ideas!

  • Tri-Fold Display Boards – If you want/need these, I found some VERY CHEAP at the Dollar Store!
  • There are tons of ideas you can use to learn about your particular state! The library, Internet, state senators, and more. I’ve seen great items in the Target Dollar Spot section in the past!
  • Maps -  Learn about the topography of the state.
  • Postcards – Perhaps write different people from the state and get them to send you postcards from different areas, telling you about their home town. What’s it like to live there?
  • Flat Stanley – might be a fun project for this!
  • History – Any particularly important historical events connected with the state?
  • Food – Is the state famous for any particular foods?
  • Animals and Plants – What are the state plants or animals?

Here are a few online resources that I have personally found – obviously mine tend to skew toward the elementary years, since that is what I have.

Here are part of the instructions I sent out – perhaps this will help you with ideas for your own group event!


Please create a display and have your children ready to talk about the state (in an informal capacity) to those who come around and visit your “booth.” Think colorful, educational, interactive, and fun!
You are more than welcome to tailor your child’s educational experience to your child’s age and ability. But also remember that those visiting will be of various ages. Of course we can all learn something from any age group – but it might be a good idea to have your child practice talking about their state before they arrive. Maybe even practice some things that younger/less advanced kids might want to know, verses older/more advanced kids (and adults). Just a thought we wanted to throw out there!
If you choose to have a food item to represent your state, please have plenty to share! Please make sure it is labeled carefully with any known allergic ingredients. Also, if you are going to need to plug something in, please let us know WAY in advance, and bring your own power strip. But also know that we can’t necessarily guarantee we can accommodate. We will try! Also, please be responsible for any items you might need to serve that food, plates, napkins, plastic silverware, etc.

Catching Up – What We’ve Been Up to This Fall!


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I wanted to share with you some pictures of what we’ve  been doing this fall!

This year, we’re focusing on American History.

One of our first activities was to create boats and “float” them across “the ocean.” I didn’t really have time for that, so instead, the girls and I made paper boats. And then the girls decided that we MUST have Christopher Columbus on the boat. They refused to believe me that Queen Isabella didn’t join him on the boat (seriously, my girls are going to come up with a princess- theme in everything).


Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus

When studying colonial America, we made our own Tri-Corner Hats . . .


Our Tri-Corner Tri-Color Hats!

Then we used our own Qwill Pens to practice signing our names for the Declaration of Independence!

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

We also made Hasty Pudding, and decided it’s absolutely revolting.

???????????????????????????????When we have time, we add in music lessons with Mommy. We don’t get to do this as much as I and the girls would like. But here are the girls playing a concert for Daddy on their new recorders. By the way – recorders are not as easy to play as I thought! How many instruments I’ve played, and I think I might have to give myself a few lessons before we attack those again.???????????????????????????????

A Recorder Concert for Daddy Before Bedtime

We also joined American Heritage Girls! We are having a blast with that – the girls are really getting into it.


We’ve also done quite a few field trips this fall, in addition to our Colonial Williamsburg/Jamestown trip. More on those very soon.

And that’s it so far!

Thanksgiving Curriculum Plans, 2013!



It’s time to share new Thanksgiving curriculum ideas and resources!

We spent this morning creating our Thanksgiving Tree! Here are pictures from past years:

eDSC_0001 DSC_1375

This year, I tried to up my game a bit.

???????????????????????????????This is a great way to use up old scrapbooking supplies, by the way! I chose some of my “ugly” scrapbooking paper that was in fall colors, and then pulled out my die-cutting machine. (I have a SLICE. And it’s been a while since I’ve been able to really scrapbook, and had an urge to get crafty.) After cutting out various leaf shapes, I had the girls write things they were thankful for on the back, and then we hung them from the lighting fixture in our dining room.

And voila! a perfect Thanksgiving decoration! We’ll continue to add more in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

If you’d like to use my more low-tech file, please feel free to download them here: Thanksgiving Leaves

The last time I shared Thanksgiving resources was a few years ago, and since my girls have done most of that, and also outgrown some of them, I’ve been collecting new ideas to try! Here are some of my favorites:

Cultivating Thankful Hearts: A FREE Unit Study – several printables and resources
Moccasin Printable
Tiny bow & arrow
Homeschool Share – Native Americans
30 Days of Giving Thanks
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Homeschool Share – Thanksgiving – Pinterest
History of Thanksgiving Unit Study
Scholastic – The First Thanksgiving
3 Dinosaurs Blog – Free Thanksgiving Pack
Gift of Curiosity – Free Thanksgiving Printable Pack
Motherhood on a Dime – Thanksgiving Crafts, Snacks, and Activities for Kids
30 Days of Thanksgiving: Printable Gratitude Journal
Thanksgiving Word Bump
Thanksgiving Finger Puppets

And I wanted to make a special shout-out to this post: 5 Ways to Teach Your Children to Be Givers.

2013 Gratitude Challenge, Day #14


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I am so thankful for my Bible study group.  We came together this year to form one instead of several small groups – the “experienced” ladies, the moms, the singles and the eclectics to jumped from one group to the next. And we’re learning together and supporting each other. It has been an amazing experience to watch the women of our church bond and become a collective unit. I can see how God is forming His women in this Church to become a mighty army for Him.

Last night was especially touching, as one of the most “quietest” members began to share right from her heart about her struggles – and woman after woman stood up to encourage her and just cover her in love. I just stepped back (I’m leading the group right now) and just got out of Jesus’ way and let Him do His work. My co-leader was fretting before class that she wasn’t quite prepared – and afterwards we joked that God didn’t want us teaching that day anyway!

PS. In case you’re curious, we’re doing Priscilla Shirer’s study, Gideon: Your weakness. God’s strength.It’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Join us in the 2013 Gratitude challenge and follow others that are participating HERE.

Jamestown Trip


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While we were visiting Williamsburg, we set aside a day to enjoy Jamestown, which is just down the road. It ended up being one of the highlights of our trip – we absolutely loved it.


???????????????????????????????During the Homeschool Days, our tickets got us a full family tour of both the settlement, boats, and Powhatan village that was filled with reenactors.


???????????????????????????????For part of the tour, we were able to go down into replicas of the ships, and had a “sailor” tell us about the voyage.

???????????????????????????????I have to say our favorite part was the Powhatan village and learning about the Native American tribe. Because my girls are into all things “princess,” I jumped on the Pocahontas story.  Yes, they watched the Disney movie – but we also watched “The Making Of” part, which talked about the fact that much of story wasn’t accurate. I also found a biography of Pocahontas in the thrift store, of all places, and we read the “real” story as well.

???????????????????????????????We took classes about the Powhatan tribe – how they lived, what they ate, etc. Here is my oldest dressing up like Pocahontas. You’ll be so pleased to know that they wore very little clothes – in fact the ONLY thing they wore was this “apron.” (This is an adult size apron on a seven year old.) My girls spent weeks afterwards trying to be exhibitionists – after all, if Pocahontas didn’t have to wear clothes, why did they? Sigh. Not exactly the lesson I was hoping for them to take home from this!


Making rope

scraping a deer hide


Scraping out a tree log to make a canoe. My youngest really got into this!

The entire family had a fabulous time, and no one wanted to leave! In fact, after dropping me off at the hotel so I could work that afternoon, hubby took the girls back to enjoy more time there, and check out their museum.

We really could have spent more time there. If you get a chance to go, be sure to take advantage of the tours and classes offered. The volunteers there are wonderful!

Historic Jamestowne
Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center Homeschool Days


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