I have begun a personal study on the Proverbs 31 woman. It feels like this study is almost out of desperation, in that I feel out of control of who I am now, who I use to be, and who I wish I could become.

Why start a blog about this journey? Well, the short pithy answer is “Why the heck not? Everyone else is doing it.” And that of course is true.

Because this is such an intensely personal journey, I don’t always feel comfortable “bothering” those around me with my ideas and epiphanies. Yet, I’m a very social person, one who has to “think out loud” to figure out what’s really going on in my head. So I cling to this space as a secret oasis, flinging the words pressed upon my heart out into cyberspace. I hope those of you that find this blog enjoy it, are touched and motivated by it, and share your stories of your journey along with me.

I am not currently planning to share my name or identity. I hope that you will understand my idea of “public anonymous-ness”. By sharing my life and experiences along the way perhaps I can perhaps delve down deeper into the pit of who I really am and present a truer picture. That, and so I can have fuller freedom in speaking privately in this public space.

I’m starting with two books that I bought with huge enthusiasm, yet never took them off my bookshelf. Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God by Pat Ennis and Lisa Tatlock, and Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be by Donna Partow. Both of these titles really grabbed me, and from my quick glance are very Biblically based.

Thank you for joining me and God Bless.