She looks for wool and flax

And works with her hands in delight.

Proverbs 31:13 (nasb)

Uggh. Monday morning was a rude wake-up call this morning. Slightly overslept, running around getting ready, dropping the oldest at preschool and then running off to do those dreaded yearly exams. Yeah, uggh. 

 So by the time I got home and ate lunch and got the rugrats settled, my brain was pretty toasted today. I tried calming down by praying for a few minutes before entering my prayer closet, and then read my “prescribed reading”, but honestly nothing really stuck. 

However this one verse really intrigued me. “She . . . works . . . in delight.” How awesome is that? How often do you hear of someone saying they actually delight in their work??? Not, “I’m satisfied,” or “I enjoy,” but “I delight in my work.”

Delight sounds better than joy. When I hear the word “delight,” in my head I define that as excited, eager, fun, joy, and happy all rolled up into one. And who gets that from their work?

 The truth of the matter is, no one. No one gets delight handed to them on a platter from an outside source. Delight comes from within. You have to CHOOSE to work in delight. Not drudge, not complaining, not blaming others, not bitter. You can make the mental choice to delight in any work you do.

 Why does this little bitty word mean anything to me? Well, have you ever lived with someone who drudged and trudged through their day? When they come home after eight hours a day, that attitude comes home as well. And if we are striving to be the Proverbs 31 woman, we can’t be creating welcoming, blessing homes if we wear a suit of bitterness all day long.

 This verse implies also that physical work is what brings this particular woman joy. Throughout Proverbs 31, you see this woman being highly involved in whatever work she happened to be doing. Perhaps your “work” is sewing or weaving like this woman, perhaps it’s typing away at a computer like me. Whatever it happens to be, we should choose to do all of our work with delight. (Delight in the Lord) We can thank God each morning that we are given the opportunity to choose to work with delight, and we can open our hearts to help others to find their delight as well.