For my Mother’s Day I got a bit spoiled and enjoyed every minute of it. I got to sleep in (which NEVER happens in this house), breakfast made for me, and a rousing rendition of a “Happy Mother’s Day” song my almost four year-old sang with the two-year old singing back up. And while I truly appreciated the spoiling that my husband and my two toddlers gave me, it made me reflect on how difficult it must be for women who do not have that loving supportive husband to celebrate this day with them.

I have three specific women on my heart. These three women have all recently become single through divorce. Two of them have children, one does not. But all of them have gone through a severely painful time; and while no divorce is ever painless, they seem to have been dealt an extra bad hand.

Frankly, it’s hard to know how to support these ladies. They’re not geographically close to me at the moment. About the only support I can give them right now is through my prayers. So, today I prayed for these three ladies. I am not even sure exactly what to pray for. But in my prayer I prayed that the Lord Who is All Knowing, will take the “groanings” of my heart and translate that to the help most needed in their lives.

Many of the problems these women are dealing with are the result of their exes are living in rebellion, open rebellion, to the will of God. Instead of praying for God to restore these marriages, I prayed for these men to reconcile with God and acknowledge His truth. After that, I believe all other things will slowly fall into place.

I also asked the Lord to please give His comfort, peace and support to these three women and the children involved. I pray that He will show me how I can pray more specifically for them, and what I might be able to do to help them.