By accident today, I think I have found my own theme song. I hope that today you can pray the prayer of this song along with me.

 “Be gentle with me Jesus, as you tear me apart.”

 What is totally amazing of the words of this song? That it truly makes clear to me how “violent” this process of change really is. I think that sometimes I beat myself up thinking that because it is “hard” and “hurts” that I’m not doing it right.

And it really has nothing to do with that. And doesn’t the Bible talk about the process of the refining fire? Of us being the clay in the Potter’s hands? Well, have you ever thought how the process of pounding and shaping that clay must feel to the clay? Dude, that has to hurt. (I took a pottery class once upon a time.)

“I know that I am a shadow, but I am dancing in Your light.”

“Show me how to walk with You upon the waves.”

“Breathe into my spirit, Breathe into my veins, until only Love remains.”

Please, just listen to this song. Over and over and over and over and over. There is nothing else I can add here, just that this song couldn’t be a more perfect prayer for me today.

Oh, and if you would like to find JJ Heller on Itunes, here is the link.