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Welcome to 2011, and to a new January challenge.

Yes, normally we do some sort of paper challenge this month, but since I still haven’t unpacked enough to find my “paper,” we’re doing it a little bit differently this year.

This year, I’m kindof working on a “from the inside out” kind of personal theme, so that is translating over into this challenge. So, this year, our January Challenge is:


And not just one closet. ALL OF THEM.

Yes, we are going to simplify, organize, and renew our homes from the inside out. Starting with the places where we shove, hide, and ignore the most.

Step 1:
Breathe. Don’t start hyperventillating on me now.

Step 2:
List every single closet you have in your home. Entryway, hall closet, linen, MBR, children’s, whatever. If it looks like a closet, smells like a closet, acts like a closet, for the purposes of this challenge, it’s a closet.

Step 3:
Name the problem. What is it that’s keeping these closets from being MIL- ready? (You know she’s gonna look inside them, LOL) Name the stressor that keeps you from keeping these closets MIL-ready. What is your mental roadblock?
This step might need a bit of a coffee/thinking break.

Step 3a: Decide on what you want in your home. Some people come up with a one word thought to cover their year instead of specific resolutions. (Like last year, I came up with the word “health.”) So for the purposes of this exercise, I would look at all these closets and create the mental picture of how these closets could be “health” to me and my family. I know it sounds wild, but if you just try the idea it might help create a organizational thought process as you go through this. Don’t worry, it’s just a crazy exercise.

Step 4:
Put your list of closets in order of easiest to hardest to solve/fix. Now mix the order like this. #1 easiest. (top of list) #2 absolute hardest. (bottom of list) #3 next easiest (top of list) #4 next hardest (bottom of list). And so on. The reason I do this is so you have easy ones to keep you motivated and so you can mark them off, but those don’t let you procrastinate from the hardest ones you always procrastinate on anyway.

Don’t worry, you’re not actually doing anything yet. You’re just making a list.

Step 5: Set up centers in your home. Garbage bags for garbage, place to put stuff to donate, etc.

Step 6: Itemize each closet and make a todo list for each one. You’re not doing it now, you’re just making a todo list! While you’re doing this, decide if there are things you need to get to complete this task. (Organization stuff, shelf liner, whatever.) Put them on your shopping list, and make sure you mark which closet they’re for. That way if you need to budget for items you can make sure you can purchase things in the order you’re working on the closets. It would really mess you up if you bought the stuff for closet #3 before the hard closet #2, giving you an excuse to procrastinate on that hard closet once again.

That’s all for now. You can choose how much of these steps to share with us, but I hope you at least share your list of closets, so we can have as much fun as you when you scratch them off!


Okay here is today’s POP CHALLENGE!

Dum dum Dumm. . . .

Challenge #1: GARBAGE!!!!!!
Tomorrow is Garbage day for me, so you all get to join in. How much garbage can you get out of your closets and your house before tomorrow? Come on folks, let’s see who can run out of garbage bags first!!!

Challenge #2: If that wasn’t enough for you, DO YOUR FIRST CLOSET TODAY!!!
TO COMPLETION. Don’t leave that “one random thing” undone. Get’er done!



Make sure you focus on those tasks you need other people for. (Does DH need to sort/purge his side of the closet? Or do you need DS to go through that toy collection covering his closet?

Also, be sure to start whatever shopping you need to complete your projects. Be sure to have everything in your house that you will need to complete any projects during the week next week!


OKAY GALS! It’s Tuesday! Ha! You all were hoping I had forgotten about this hadn’t you? Nope! It’s time to make progress!!!!!!!

Remember, this is WEEK 2 of the challenge! You have have only two weeks left after this one. Which means this is the TRUE CRUNCH WEEK. If you get behind this week, it’s going to put tons of pressure on you for the rest of the month. So, we really need to focus a ton this week on what to get done!

Come on! Let’s see how much we can get done this week. How about a reward? Who can get the most done this week, and I’ll send them a surprise! (I found my “surprise” stash last night!)





Yes, you heard me. Today you must work on your hardest and worst closet. And report back and tell us what you plan to work on (before) and what you accomplished (after).

So, get going!!!!


Okay, weekend challenge: what can you get done THIS WEEKEND? We’re halfway through the month.
Okay, beginning of week three = BOGDOWN TIME.

This is where it always gets icky. This is where you get bogged down in something, can’t get other things done because you’re waiting on that one thing you need from something else, whatever. You know what I’m talking about.

Don’t worry. I’m right there with you.

Completely frustrating and stressful to no end, right?

My advice for this week?


Keep on pushing through the bogginess. (Yes, I just made up that word.) Step back for a second and look at the problem from a different angle. Can you work around it, under it, over it? Is this a problem that needs tons of brute force strength – ie. keep pushing through it?

Do whatever you have to do to keep forward momentum. I’m serious. If you’re anything like me, this is where you usually stop. This is where you say, “I’ll deal with this later” or “when so-and-so does what they are supposed to do, then I’ll come back and do what I’m supposed to do. And then nothing ever gets accomplished, the problem never gets solved, and it’s never DONE.

And that’s what we want, folks. DONE. As in, stick a fork in it. Well done, burnt to a crisp, done.

So, today’s task is to tell us all:

A) If you have hit a boggy spot, what it is. (No excuses, no blaming, no whining. Just name the issue/problem.)

B) What you are going to do about it. How are you going to keep FOWARD MOMENTUM happening.

This isn’t a negative posting, but just acknowleging that things don’t usually work as planned, and how we are going to proactively, positively, keep pushing on!

And if you haven’t updated us in a while, please let us know about your progress!

Okay, everybody.


It is time to get your game face on. Get your hiney in gear. Blah blah blah.


Come on gals, let’s get all this stuff DONE!!!! You can do it! It’s one more big big week of a solid push, and we can start the year off right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 more days gals! 6 MORE DAYS!

(PS. You really want to get all this done now. Trust me. I’ve already decided next month’s challenge. It’s “the desk” and “paper.” Yeah, that’s right, you heard me. Don’t groan and moan – I heard you through the computer! So anyway, YOU NEED TO GET THIS DONE SO YOU CAN BE READY TO START THE NEXT CHALLENGE!)