by Nancy Campbell

I received this as a mass email eons ago. I loved it so much that I printed it and framed it in my office. I found a link to it online, here.

Hebrews 3:13 , “Encourage one another daily.”

God has blessed us women with the ability to be sensitive to the needs around us. We sense when those in our family are in low spirits or need lifting up and encouraging. I believe this is one of the special priviliges and responsibilities we have as a wife and mother to be the Encourager in the home.

Our husbands are desparate for encouragement. They thrive on it. Encouragement will change their lives and even their attitude to us. Our children need encouragement. Encouragement is the rich soil in which they grow to their full development. We must give it daily, and even more than once a day. It should become a habit that flows from our lips.

But you are more than an Encourager. You are also the Enricher of your home. This word means ‘to make richer.’ Is your home filled with love and the joy of the Lord? Make it richer with more love. Perhaps there is no loving atmosphere in your home. Start filling it up with love. It won’t happen unless you do it. You are the Enricher, remember. You are the one who makes your home richer with all good things.

As you catch the vision to be the Encourager and Enricher of your home, you will also be the:

Enabler – enabiling your children to reach their full destiny.

Endearer – endearing your family to each other.

Enhancer – enhancing the atmosphere of love and joy in your home, making it richer day by day.

Enlarger – enlarging your heart to the needs of your family, and maybe even some orphans.

Enlightener – giving understanding and enlightenment of the ways of God to your children.

Enlivener – making your home alive with the presence of God.

Ennobler – training your children to be honorable and noble in all things.

Enthraller – enthralling your children with new ideas, creativity and the wonders of God’s creation.

Enthusar – enthusing your children to be ardent for God.

Entertainer – keeping your little children happy.

Enticer – enticing your children into the joy of prayer and reading God’s Living Word.

Enveloper – wrapping your children around with protection and love.

Envisioner – giving vision and hope to each member of the family.

Energizer – releasing the spirit of work and creativity in the home.

Engraver – engraving the names of your children upon your heart in prayer (Exodus 28:29-30)

Entreater – entreating your children to keep a straight course in the ways of God.

What an amazing vocation you have in your home!

Prayer: “Lord, please show me ways that I can make my home richer in love and the joy of your presence. Amen.”

Affirmation: I am enriching my home with lasting treasures.