I didn’t post last night because I was so tired and just went to sleep.

So I’m gonna day that yesterday I was thankful for sleep!

I have been fighting severe insomnia for several months now. Everytime I get myself “trained out of it,” and think I’m over it, I’ll have one bad night and start over again. I’ve always had a bad night here or there, but honestly, never to this extreme. And my husband not being home right now hasn’t really helped.

So Tuesday night, I didn’t sleep at all. And nothing I tried worked, including reading one full book, watching 3 TV shows and a movie. Wednesday I managed to get a two hour nap, but I spent the entire day just wired for no reason (and no, I don’t drink caffiene at all ever, so that’s not it).

But, Wednesday night and Thursday night I managed two full nights of sleep in a row! So, I’m very thankful for sleep!

This is my first attempt at a blog challenge, something you might see friends doing on Facebook – “__ days of Giving Thanks.” I thought this was a very fitting challenge to get myself back into a regular habit of blogging again. Feel free to join me, and post your own blog link in the comments below, so we can keep up with each other! Follow others that are participating HERE.