Today I am thankful for bedtime!

And yes, just because it’s bedtime and the house gets quiet and I get some peace.

But also, because I love the bedtime rituals we have. Once the insanity of bath time and getting clothes on two wild little girls is completed, we snuggle up on the big bed. If time, we will read a story (either connected to our homeschool unit, a holiday theme, or a Bible story).

After the girls say their prayers, we each go around the room saying one thing we want to thank God for, and we pray a prayer over those items. Sometimes they are sweet, and sometimes it’s silly, like marshmallows! Then the lights go off and I get to the very best thing in the world.

Cuddle with my girls. My girls are the best snugglers and give the best hugs and kisses. And as I kiss them goodnight, I always remind them how much I love them but how much more Jesus loves them than I do. Then with a good tuck-in, and a sweet dreams I’m done. For at least five minutes until I’m called in to give one extra hug and kiss and a pat on the back.

The great thing is that no matter how much they’ve been a terror all day, I can still count on those sweet hugs around my neck to make it all worthwhile.

idea from: http://www.itakejoy.com/close-every-day-with-a-blessing/

This is my first attempt at a blog challenge, something you might see friends doing on Facebook – “__ days of Giving Thanks.” I thought this was a very fitting challenge to get myself back into a regular habit of blogging again. Feel free to join me, and post your own blog link in the comments below, so we can keep up with each other! Follow others that are participating HERE.