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I had been procrastinating on a few “science projects” and so last week we had a catch up science day.

Our first project was a taste test of goat milk and goat cheese. We compared it to regular cow milk and to almond milk and to the various (cow) cheeses we had on hand.

The verdict? We like goat cheese! My oldest likes the plain verses the one with the seasonings added, which Mommy prefers. She liked the goat milk as much as she liked the cow milk, but was not a fan of almond milk. I personally prefer almond milk over cow milk, and think goat milk taste awful!

And then we put together our ant farm since our ants finally arrived in the mail. This ant farm came with our curriculum kit.

This was not Mommy’s favorite project and I was totally creeped out. First of all, it was too cold to leave the ant farm outside, which was my original plan. Second of all, these ants were HUGE and I can not stand anything creepy crawly. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a huge sissy. And then having to keep them in my house??? Yeah, not my favorite homeschooling moment. But trying to be the good mommy, I hid it and kept telling my oldest how cool this was. Yes, I lied right through my teeth. Oh, I forgot number three. The paperwork mentioned these ants bite. Yeah. You read that right. (Can’t you hear me saying, “Isn’t that  . . . interesting?” LOL)

The verdict on this is we had stupid ants. They did NOT cooperate and build their little ant tunnels where they were supposed to. (There is this flat chamber on the back, which is supposed to let you observe them better.) Oh no, these dumb ants actually would pull the sand from that flat chamber, and drop it over the rounded front, and started building their ant hill at the bottom of the front section you see in this picture. Where we couldn’t see anything but what looked like a huge mess. And when I dropped food in to feed them (and yes, that freaked me out even more – having to open the top to put food in), they pulled the piece of fruit out of the chamber as well, and pushed it down over the rounded front so it would be at the bottom as well! Sigh. Apparently the ants did not read the directions as well as I did.

They have recently “vacated the premises.” I’m sure they are having lovely little lives at the town dump by now!

This week we finally got in our field trip to Brantley’s Petting Farm. The girls had a blast. (It you’re local, I totally recommend it!) This fit in with our units on goat (letter G), cow (letter C), and horse (letter H). Here are a few more pictures.

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