Since Thanksgiving is almost here, I thought I’d better hurry up and get off my tush and finish this post!

Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday of the year. I love everything about it. Our traditions, the food, the cooking, the company, everything! And I’m hoping that my girls will love it too!

First of all, here are our Thanksgiving-themed books. I pack these books up with the decorations and only bring them out during November. That way our children will have fond memories and traditions of reading these books, but they will be fresh and “new” each year!

Another tradition that I started a few years ago, is our “Thanksgiving Tree.”  Living overseas makes it impossible to find Thanksgiving decorations and so I had to get a bit creative. I got some simple branches and we color “leaves” and write what we are thankful for on them. Cheap, meaningful, and turns out pretty cute when it’s full!

And here are some of this year’s leaves, waiting for Mommy to hang on our tree!

Thanksgiving Leaves If you’d like to download my leaf file, here it is! (I hope.)

And to go with our homeschooling this year, I’ve added a Thanksgiving “unit”!

The Internet is a wonderful invention for homeschoolers. I simply did a google search and found a ton of resources where others had done my work for me! (Thank you, Lord!) I decided to try this Lapbook concept that I’ve read about and printed of dozens of worksheets.

Here are our Thanksgiving lapbooks in progress. Both of our girls are doing them.


And here is a partial list of the multitude of Thanksgiving resources:

Thanksgiving Printables – I used mostly the preschool one, and a few pages from the kindergarten one.

Read! Build! Write! – Great for learning Thanksgiving “vocabulary”

Thanksgiving Preschool Pack – Great printouts (My girls love the color by numbers Turkey)

2 Teaching Mommies – Turkeys

Dr. Pat’s On-line Pilgrim Coloring Book

Lapbook Ideas and Pictures

Christian Preschool Printables: Thanksgiving

Enchanted Learning: K-3 Thanksgiving Ideas

ABC Teach: Thanksgiving

Pilgrim (female) Paper Doll

Thanksgiving Lapbooks