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Each year on another board I frequent, I host some sort of “organizational challenge” each January. In the past, I’ve done a “Control the Paper Monster” challenge, and last year I did a “Closet” challenge. (A copy of which, can be found here.)

But this year, I have to move. AGAIN. And since I’ve become somewhat of a moving guru having done my own form of this challenge seven times in the past seven years, I decided to take everyone along for the ride with me through the process. So this year we’ll be doing the THE BIG ORGANIZATIONAL PACKFEST as our January challenge! And I thought it would be fun to also bring it here to my blog and see how many of “you guys” might want to join along as well! Let’s face it, I would appreciate the company and support, not to mention the accountability!

So, what you might want to know before you join up: this is a month-long challenge! And to tell you the truth, this one is going to be all-encompassing and a big project!  So, if you jump in, be warned that it’s gonna be a lot of work, but will be over by February 1! And you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor for the rest of the year!

I will go into much more detail in future posts – but the premise of this challenge is that you guys will be pretending to join me in my upcoming move! This is not a “move down the street” kind of move. No, this will be a major, life altering move: maybe moving across the country or overseas, or perhaps moving AND downsizing to a MUCH smaller living situation.

As you can imagine there is a lot that goes into that sort of move, but what we will be spending the bulk of this challenge focusing on will be the prepping for the move – purging, sorting, organizing of our “stuff.” Also, we will deal with planning, organizing, scheduling type tasks – many things I have to do for my own move, but as you will come to see, they will set you up to have a much more organized year and home for the rest of the year! I promise, you will enjoy the fruits of all your labors! That’s one of the reasons I do this type of crazy challenge in January, to take advantage of everyone’s “New Year’s Resolutions” enthusiasm and energy.



A couple of Pre-Assignments:

1) Put away the Christmas stuff NOW. You won’t have time later and it will be in the way.

2) Gather needed supplies. Garbage bags, file folders, boxes, dumpster (Nancy D), whatever. Walk around taking a quick tally of what you are going to need. AND THEN GO GET IT. So you won’t have any excuses. (And hopefully you can get some good deals while things are on sale.)

3) Catch up on the daily stuff and see if you can get ahead. Kinda hard to organize closets and sort clothes if they are all in the dirty pile, right? And just like the Christmas stuff, you won’t have time later.


Please feel free to blog about your experience and tasks, and join up with us here by posting in the comments, etc. so we can all commiserate support and encourage each other this month! And don’t worry about starting late, just join in and catch up!

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I do not have a graphic yet for this challenge. Does anyone out there want to volunteer their help??

Click the link below to join us for the Big Organizational PackFest, and to check out who’s participating!