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ASSIGNMENT #5: “Like Goes with Like” and the Living Room

Whew! We’re finally on the part of the challenge where we start going room by room! This is the part that will feel like your are actually accomplishing something!

I’m starting with the living room, because generally that’s the easiest, you might need the space to start organizing those “stations” we talked about earlier, and if you’re anything like me, you need an easy assignment because you’re already behind and need some time to catch up. (Don’t worry, I tried to build several some days like this in, just so we ALL can actually catch up and make it through!)

First, let’s talk about the concept of “Like Goes with Like.” Really it is this concept alone that truly has given my artsy-non linear brain any organizational ability whatsoever. And it’s pretty darn simple.

If this ___ is like this ____, then they go together.

For example, I organize all of my holiday decorations and related items this way. If I have Christmas related books, movies, or hand towels, they go in the Christmas boxes. If I have Thanksgiving related project idea books, they go in the Thanksgiving boxes. Period. That way my bookcases and movies aren’t cluttered with the annual Christmas movie marathon videos or all-about-Thanksgiving books. Plus, it builds anticipation and excitement as kids get old enough to remember certain items. My oldest still talks about the Resurrection Eggs we got for Easter last year. If you can carry this idea throughout your house when you organize, it will make your life so much easier. Why have towels in 20 places around the house? Have one location, and then you have only one stop when putting away laundry!

This concept pertains to large-scale moves as well. Most of what I’m really doing this month is setting our items up for the packers who come later this month. And honestly, I’m trying to set things up in such a way so that when we get all of these boxes again six months from now, things are easy to find and quicker to put away. (When you move every two years, the process of unpacking loses its thrill.) So think about like goes with like.

Part A of your assignment today is to do a quick run-through of your house and put like with like. It doesn’t have to organized and pretty right now. Right now we are focusing on “things that go together” actually “Go” (in our move) together. Does that make sense?

One of the ways this pertains to myself, especially during a move, is our books. Because I’m a voracious book reader and made sure our kids have their own mountainous collection of books as well, books are stationed all over our house. And also tend to end up scattered in many random places. Which stinks when you arrive at your new location and even after packing 50 boxes, you can’t find someone’s favorite bedtime story book that they just can’t sleep without. So, before a move, I will go through all of our books and do a purge of anything I choose to donate. (It’s rare. Though easier now that Hubbie and I have moved to e-readers.) And then I go through the house with a laundry basket and collect all the random books from the random places. And ALL BOOKS in our house end up in the living room.

Which leads me to part two of today’s assignment. The Living Room.

For me, the Living Room is the easiest room in the house to prep. Because I try to keep my house partially company ready, the living room is the main room that is always “ready.” In my case I won’t have a lot that I will have to do in my living room. Except deal with our books. Which I purged a year ago, when we moved in. And I really should do at least one more time before we move. Even though getting rid of any of my books is like tearing off my arm.

What I have to remember is that in Our Big Major Move, I am in the situation where we are only allowed a certain amount of weight. And books weigh. A LOT. Probably more than anything in the house.

The other thing I deal with in our living room is knickknacks and picture frames. Even since we moved here a year ago, there is a large stack of knickknacks that I never found space for and pictures I never hung up on the walls. It’s time for me to reevaluate those items. Are they worth repacking again, if I didn’t seem to miss them this past year? Or are some of these items, while dust catchers, still things that will make our new place feel like “home?” When your home is constantly changing, that is a powerful need that cannot be marginalized. And not an easy decision sometimes!

Coming up next will be the bathrooms and toiletries, the master bedroom, and kids’ rooms!

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