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I finally got around to uploading all the pictures off the cameras, so I have some to share!

This week we finished up R (Rocks), J(Jewels), and started B (Butterflies).

I found two of these Smithsonian kits at Wal-Mart in their clearance section for $5 each. Still kicking myself that I did not pick up the volcano kit as well, because of course now they are all gone.

I will say the first one we tried (growing crystals or something) did NOT work. (Which might be totally due to user error. My husband was in charge of science last week!)

Thankfully this one was pretty user-friendly. If you have kids really into destruction you might want safety goggles though!

Even my younger one was able to easily participate.

I also took the opportunity to mention that there are some people who dig through rocks looking for things for a living – geologists and archeologists. I think that might have gone right over there heads, and both of mine have decided that they are going to be princesses and/or ballerinas when they grow up!

Here is my oldest with our finds!

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