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ASSIGNMENT #7: Master Bedroom

Yes, today’s challenge assignment includes the Master Bedroom closets. Sorry.

This will be the hardest one for most of us. Instead of being a sanctuary for you and your spouse, the reality (if you’re anything like me) is that the Master Bedroom becomes a dumping ground. So, as we go through the rooms, we’ll do this step by step.

But remember, we are in a mad dash to get this all done! If you come up with a great organizing, decorating, or rearranging idea, that’s fine. WRITE IT DOWN. You are not allowed to do any of that right now! Set that list up for when this challenge is done!

Before you start get a laundry basket and several garbage bags. Big Ones.

Step 1: Get a laundry basket or box of some sort. Go through the room and find ALL the items that do not belong in that room and put them in the basket and get them out of that room. If you have extra time, you can go toss those items in the rooms they go in. If not, you can be like me and just move the basket around with you as you go from room to room. The only time you actually go put things truly away is when you need to go back to a room you’ve already completed. Otherwise, just toss it in, and know that you will get to it later.

Step 2: Purge. Get rid of everything that can possibly be gotten rid of. You know that the Master Bedroom is vortex of all junk right? (I just made that up. But it feels true if it’s not.) Do you like looking at all that stuff? Does it seem peaceful, tranquil, “romantic” to you? Well, you know that if you don’t get rid of it NOW, it will find its way back here. It’s Murphy’s Law. So get rid of it if you can!

Purge out the pile of laundry that needs to be folded (I refuse to fold clothes in my bedroom for that very reason), whatever junk you see. Are your drawers filled with clothes you never wear? Still holding on to those clothes that were pre-husband, much less pre-baby?? (Yeah, gals, you know what I’m talking about!) Put them in your donate pile. Did you recently purchase new undergarments but never get rid of the old ones? Or that pair of socks that has holes in it, but you keep wearing because you keep forgetting until it’s too late? Throw them out, for goodness sakes. 

P.S. I find it helpful to put these piles outside the bedroom door. That way you can see how you are making progress, and also the piles don’t end up staying in your room!

Step 3: Organize. This step is sometimes a simple “put things back where they go” but more likely, this is a “put things back to where they ought to have been in the first place.” For me, this will mean, putting clothes back on hangers like they should have been, cleaning up both bedside tables, and dealing with all of the stuff I have stashed under the bed. Because yes, I use the under the bed space for LOTS of storage.

(A side step here: My home office also happens to be in the Master Bedroom unfortunately. But I won’t do that to you guys. That will all be another major section of this challenge coming up soon!)

Step 4: Sort. This is where the “Moving” analogy comes into play. For our move, I am going to have to sort clothes by seasons, such as what do we need now, and what we will need when we first arrive, and what will we need later. I can’t tell you how much I hate this task. I can do anything else and be fine, but sorting clothes make me want to pull out my hair. And since this is one of the most difficult and most important parts of our move, this is where I usually end up getting stuck. Only so much can fit in a suitcase, and yet, do I have the right shoes if I wear this dress? What about if the seasons change while we’re stuck in that hotel in DC? The only thing worse than dealing with my clothes??? My husband’s clothes.

If you’re not actually moving, but just coming along for the ride, would be a good idea to sort your clothes via seasons. Or perhaps, pull out all of those “too big” clothes and get rid of them! Or get all of those maternity clothes out of your regular lineup and back into the bins where they belong. Or if you’re super organized, by item, type and color. Or whatever.

Oh, and make sure you do the same purge, organize, sort for your shoes. Remember, you “have to move and unpack” all that stuff! Do you really need 50 pair of black shoes?

Coming up next will be the kids’ rooms, and extra closets!

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