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ASSIGNMENT #10: Office Space

Ugh, I hate this assignment. And one reason these posts really slowed down is because I got BOGGED DOWN here. And the main reason is because I have so much stuff shoved in my office space. Not that my office space is that big. In this house, my “office” is a desk in a converted closet! (Pretty brilliant remodel, actually. I’ll have to post a picture sometime!) But I used every bit of available space to store everything else. Office supplies and paper under the bed. File cabinets in my side of the master bedroom closet. A cheap bookcase in the corner of the room. I had stuff EVERYWHERE.

1. PRINT. Print everything you might need during your move. For example, TAX PAPERWORK and RECEIPTS. If you’re moving like me in January, you’re moving right in the middle of tax season! So all of that tax paperwork is gonna have to go with you – don’t risk packing that in a box that you might not find for another six months!

Plus any important personal documents – birth certificates, passports, medical records, school records, whatever. When we move, it is not unusual for me to have half a suitcase that is pure paperwork. And that is before our kids started school! So, while you’re going through your files, put these files aside to hand-carry with you! (And yes, that IS hand-carry, unfortunately. You can’t risk your luggage getting lost with all that info!)

****Special Extra Step!**** If you are really caught up here, then you can choose to do this extra step! (If this is your very first organizational purge, DO NOT DO THIS. This is not a step for beginners!)

1a. Scan! I did this for the first time this move. So now, instead of having to carry 30 pounds of paper around in a suitcase, I carry my little external hard drive!  I have a all-in-one scanner/printer and this is a must for this step.

Basically, I scanned in any important personal documents that I might need sometime in the next six months (Not this year’s tax paperwork. I’ve still got all that paper that I’ve got to deal with.) I spent several days scanning things like our completely medical files, school records, previous years’ tax records, my business files, you name it. Yes, this is a very “UN FUN” step, but it is my hope that this will be a huge stress-reliever in the future. I did this at the same time as step number 2.


2. Computer Backup. Before you move, make sure you back up everything! First of all, it might be a while before you can see your computer again. AND, in my last move, the computer CPU was destroyed. But since I had everything backed up, I was covered! I just had to deal with the insurance folks to get it all replaced.

And always make sure you back up your back up! I’ve just started using AboutOne.com. This is not technically an online backup site, but there is space for that! I also love how this is a perfect family information management system! There are lots of features like address and contact manager, family calendar, childcare provider reports, picture organizer, etc. I haven’t taken full advantage of the program yet, but plan to start that very soon! Regardless, be sure to look into online backup programs!

3. Purge and shred! Start going through all the paper and files in your office and PURGE away! This is a great step to get the hubbie or older kids involved with – grab your pile of “needs to be shredded” stuff and hand them the shredder! That way you can keep on working!

4. File. The next step is to get all of that paper put away! So file everything and get your desk cleared off!

5. The “everything else” in the office step! This is the catch-all step for your office. Bookshelves, office supply stash, random drawers full of junk, whatever. Purge, Donate, Organize!

Next up: First the craft area and then the kitchen! (We’re almost done!)

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