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ASSIGNMENT #11: Craft/Hobby Area

Aaaah, you could spend a million years organizing your craft space. Or at least I could! But we can’t. We’ve got to get ready for our move!

1. The very first step is that we need to purge your craft area of anything you are not going to use.

In my hobby group, we often set up “Rosie boxes” (aka. “ring around the rosie”, but with a box!) where we will fill up a box, and then pass it around the group, everyone taking out what they want, and adding items they don’t. This is a great way to get rid of items you no longer need (like leftover wedding album stickers after you’ve finished scrapbooking your wedding album, for example) and to try out a couple new things that you’ve never tried before. So, often months before our move, I might start one of these groups to get rid of some things.

I’ve also donated items to preschools or to friends, or found a worthwhile nonprofit to pass them to. But the main idea is toget it out of your house.

Oh and if there’s junk you will never use, and no one else will either? Toss it. Yup. Call it your very own “stupid tax” for buying it in the first place, and toss it.

2. Then you need to organize what is left. Perhaps you would like to organize by project, putting all the items you need for that project together. Or organize by color, or whatever. But when I’m organizing, I try to think of the space I’m moving into, and how would be the easiest to find it when I’m unpacking. How can I set up my new craft area in the quickest, most orderly and functional way possible?? (Don’t worry, I can hear you laughing! Yeah, the idea of my craft area being orderly and functional is comical, too. Notice I didn’t say that it would end up that way in reality.)

So, that’s it. Sounds so very simple when you write it out, doesn’t it. And yet, this can take up quite a bit of time. So get to it, so you can move on to the kitchen next!

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