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ASSIGNMENT #12: Kitchen

I’m sure you all thought I had forgotten about the kitchen, right? Nope. Just saved it for last because in my experience folks always get hung up here. And, by now, you should all be fully in the purging mood, which will help this go so much more quickly!

So remember, our basic steps are:

1) Purge – Toss or Donate

2) Sort and Organize

You will need to go through every single cabinet you have in your kitchen and dining room area. You need to go through your plates, pots, fine china, etc. Where I notice that a lot of “stuff” gets accumulated: contraptions and miscellanous extras.

Think hard – do you really need 60 different kinds of machines in your kitchen? When was the last time you used that juicer or bread maker? This is the time to think realistically about all those well-meaning ideas that never got implemented or ended up being more trouble than they are worth.

Of course, some of you do make your own bread, or create funky, healthy juice mixes. I actually have my own machine that actually makes almond or rice milk, because overseas I have to do that due to my youngest’s allergies. (Personal Note: it tastes nothing like what you  buy here in the grocery stores in the US. And is a COMPLETE pain to make. I’m not kidding. Stick with the storebought, you will be much happier.) So, I’m not saying you should get rid of everything, but think hard about what you actually do use, and if there is stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day in over a year and is just collecting dust, by golly, get rid of it and gain more cabinet space!

Oh and plastic tupperware type items. If you can’t find the top to it, toss it!

The other is the miscellaneous section – and can be my own personal downfall. In this section, I would put all my husband’s “bar” items and random cups and wine glasses. I would also put all of our hostessing items here. We host parties quite a bit, so my collection of “miscellaneous” has grown quite a bit in the past few years. Still, every move I reevaluate. Plus, if I make room, that means I can pick up cool new serving pieces at our next home!

Oh, and if you have those random pieces that were given to you as a wedding present that you hate and will never use, but don’t feel like you can get rid of because Aunt Bertha gave it to you, consider this my permission to do so. If it’s regiftable, you can do this (as long as Aunt Bertha won’t find out), or just get it out of your home. Unless it’s from your Mother-in-law and she expects you to use it every time she comes over!

Remember, the less you have, the less you have to pack and unpack later!

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