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ASSIGNMENT #13: Final Prep Day

Consider this day your final day before your move. Things you need to do:

1. Get back to “like goes with like.” I’m sure you’ve been living in your house while doing this challenge, which means that stuff has gotten moved around. Do a quick run-through of your home, and make sure “like goes with like.”

2. Stations. This is the time to make sure everything you need in each station is actually where it needs to be!

2a. If you’re needing suitcases for this move, PACK THEM NOW. And do yourselves a favor, and everything that is personally going with you, whether by car or plane, get it out of the house NOW. Hide it in your car, or at a family’s home. Just get it all out-of-the-way of the movers, or you risk important stuff being packed where you won’t be able to access it. (Trust me. Hubbie almost went without underwear one move.)

3. If there are other items that need to get out of your house before the movers arrive, GET THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW. Get the donations where they need to go. Put garbage out by the curb. This is the time to get everything where it needs to go! You don’t want this stuff going with you!

4. Get your house ready for movers to walk in. Take a quick look around. What kinds of things do you need to do if your movers are arriving tomorrow. Are there small, quick things you can do to make the job quicker and easier?

5. LAUNDRY. Yeah, this is not my most favorite chore, but you don’t want to be packing dirty sheets and towels! Are your curtains washable? This would be a good time to get them clean!

6. Hire someone to clean after the movers are done! I know, yes, you could always do this step yourself and save some money. But if you can get away with it, don’t. I did it myself this time and it about killed me. Seriously, if you have burning the candle at both ends to get this move organized and ready, then the general stress of moving in general, YOU WILL BE BURNED OUT. Really. The second the movers are done and gone with your stuff, you’ll be done too. Emotionally, physically, everything. I was just so over the whole process, and then to be faced with what turns into a COMPLETELY new challenge?? Yeah, worth every single penny to have someone come do the hard scrubbing for you.

And your house WILL be a mess when you’re done. I have never seen so many scary, mutated dust bunnies in my entire life. And I’m a clean freak, so I have no idea where they came from. I almost broke the vacuum cleaner on them. Ugh.

So, just work this into your budget and get someone else to do it.

***If you’re not really moving, then this might be a great time to celebrate by getting a cleaning person to come in one time and do the big deep clean for you! Just a thought!***

At this point, our “Big Organizational Packfest Challenge” is done!!! Congratulations! If you are really moving, the movers will come pack up your stuff and haul it away at this point! (Again, if at all financially possible, I really do recommend getting professionals to pack and move your items. If at all possible. Yes, you could save money doing it yourself, but you need to balance that against your sanity during one of the most stressful periods in your life. I honestly do not recommend it. If at all possible.)

I would love your feedback and your own tips! Goodness knows I’ll be going through this quite a few more times in the next several years, so I can use all the help I can get!

Thanks for participating!

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