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We have finished My Father’s World Kindergarten!

This week, we finished up our last letter unit in the kindergarten curriculum. We will take a short break and do a mini unit on Valentine’s Day, (post coming soon on that) and to also MOVE, and once we get settled in Washington, DC we’ll start on MFW first grade. I plan to take our time much more with the first grade curriculum since we are now caught up with our oldest’s actual educational level (a lot of the kindergarten information was more like review). Plus, we’ll be in Washington, DC, so we plan to take FULL advantage of being there!

On our last “day of school,” I planned a review day. One project we did was a matching game of ALL of our MFW letter flash cards.

Here are a few pictures of our last “project”  – which was making bird feeders for our Q (Quail) unit.

I think my most fun activity this unit was an impromptu brainstorm! I needed to go to the store and get a few things, and the girls had to go with me, so I told them we were going to do a letter Y scavenger hunt! So, we walked around Wal-Mart looking for things that began with the letter Y and took pictures of them. It was surprisingly harder to find things that started with the letter Y than I expected. Apparently Yams and Yucca are not in season – we couldn’t find those at all! LOL

So here are the pictures from our scavenger hunt:

We ended our scavenger hunt with a taste test at the McDonald’s inside Wal-Mart – do the pretzels taste “yummy” or “yucky.” (I was the only one interested in eating the yogurt parfait, so I had to get a little creative with that one.)

Afterwards, I found my parents’ old Yahtzee (seriously, this game is older than I am) and Abby and I made up our own rules to play it! Basically we would roll out the dice and start counting the dots and adding – sneaking in some math practice! I need to find some new scorecards or make some, I think, and then we can make it more “game-like” for her. And my youngest got into the action by just counting the dots on the individual dies with her Papa!

Don’t tell my parents, but I confiscated this game to add to our activity box!

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