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I wanted to follow-up on last week’s “First Things First” post.

I’ve created some templates to help me get organized with my blog writing. Of course, I have yet to use them, so I’ve got to play around with them a bit and tweak them until I get everything “perfect.” Once I get them the way that I want them, I’m going to print them out and take them over to Staples or Office Max and get them bound together, like a “real” organizer. Heck, maybe I will even put a pretty cover on it, LOL!

I also thought quite a bit about how to get my days “in priority.” And I had a bit of a lightbulb moment: If I want to start “living in priority,” shouldn’t I start teaching the girls and modeling that for them, too? And if we’re going to do that, shouldn’t our homeschool work reflect how we want them to live their life? Heck, isn’t that why we started homeschooling in the first place?

It was such forehead, slapping, “Duh!” moment. Sometimes I wonder why God doesn’t ever despair of our dimwitted-ness, you know?

So, I have decided to rearrange our school routines. Instead of our Bible work getting pushed to the side and shuffled through at the end, we are now going to spend Monday morning on Bible-related activities. Only after all of this “work” is done will we move on to regular school work.

This morning went a bit long, as I finally finished up a few straggling ideas that I had run out of time for in the past. I added in several practice activities to start learning our new Bible verse for the week, and we started learning our new Bible song for the week. We did several related craft projects, which helped keep the girls’ interests (and I will post about them soon, I hope). We created our prayer basket, our study of Esther to finish up our celebration of Purim last week along with stick puppets to help us tell the story, and finished decorating our lapbooks all the way from Valentine’s, so I could declare those done. Little things that had been lagging and lagging and I feel so much better I don’t have to think about them any more.

In between and any time I could catch a few minutes while the girls were coloring or doing worksheets, I sat over at the table and tried to work on my own devotional study, that I had tried to get through all last week. I snuck two minutes here and five minutes there, but I’ve finally gotten some really productive progress made and will be able to blog about that this afternoon.

So, this style I think will work well for us. I need to re-tweak my school organizing grid a little bit more, and some of the normal “Monday” work like science might have to get pushed to Tuesdays on days where our Bible time goes too long. But that flexibility is why homeschool is so great, right? And I feel much more comfortable pushing science back because Bible went too long instead of the other way around.

New Firsts I’m Focusing On This Week:

1. First of Our School Day

I’m also going to push Bible time to first in our routine. I usually do math first while my daughter’s focus and patience was the best, but again, that’s not giving God our “best,” but “leftovers.” So, hoping to model “living in priority” for our girls will hopefully teach them by osmosis about putting first things first,andwill give me a chance to put devotional time first as well, even if it’s “child-focused” devotional time and not always “personal” devotional time. Plus, I’m hoping that making devotional time my focus on Mondays, that I will be able to set it up so that I can snatch time during the day each day to do my own devotional time. We’ll have to see how it works out this week.

2. First of the Morning

I am NOT a morning person. Just not. In fact, I have a running joke that there is no point in me going to the early service at Church, because God doesn’t speak to me before 10am. He knows I’m not really awake, so He doesn’t even waste His time!

I don’t know about you guys, but my first new moments each morning feel like they are begin with blearily peering through half-open eyes while trying to break up girly squabble and getting my turn in the bathroom. It takes no time at all to start my day in a cranky, stressed-out, frazzled mom-mood, wondering where the coffee is and why does morning come so fast? It is not the way I want to start my day each day, because it colors my day with those colors the rest of the day.

So, I’m going to attempt to implement a new habit this week – by giving God my first few moments of each day before the insanity starts. At the very least, I can review a quick verse and say a short prayer, even if it is just, “Lord, please help me make it through the day.”

So, that’s my update.