The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week…  This week I started the week with big plans. Very few of them have gotten done. Including about 5 million blog posts, and oh, half of what was scheduled for homeschool.

I had another fit with my back, and the new chiropractor I tried was hopeless. I hate the beginning part of a move; where you have to find all new “service providers.” I had just gotten comfortable with the last ones . . . .

In our homeschool this week… We are finishing week four of living in a hotel. We have started our first grade curriculum and the girls are enjoying it. I’m still tweaking here and there a little to make it work better for us, but the girls are enjoying “new” stuff to learn! I’m trying to mix in field trips as much as possible, to take advantage of all that Washington, DC has to offer, but traveling downtown with small kids is such an endeavor. So far, we’ve visited the National Museum of Art and did a tour of the Congressional Building. I’m hoping we can get another nice, warm, Spring day next week so we can enjoy the cherry trees in blossom! (With plenty of allergy meds in tow, of course.)

My favorite thing this week was… Playing hooky one day so I could go get a mani/pedi and sit in the massaging chair because of my back. I figured it would be cheaper than a masseuse here in DC and it was AWESOME. Oh, and they used that new gel polish, so my nails haven’t chipped yet and it’s three days later. How miraculous is that?

Things I’m working on… This week, I’ve really been trying to focus on getting caught up with all my blog ideas and also get my pile of paperwork and clutter cleaned up. It’s better, but seems to multiply like gremlins in the night.

I’m reading… Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds.

I’m grateful for… Two girls who are taking the fact that we are living in a hotel really well, and being such troopers with all the insanity.

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