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Since we just recently started My Father’s World 1st grade curriculum, I thought it might be fun to share a couple things we’re doing to help making memorizing Bible verses easier and fun!

My oldest is a kynesthetic, “active” learner. Which means she learns best when her body is in motion! So, I’m trying incorporate more “motion” in our learning, especially since the 1st grade curriculum get pretty writing intensive later on.

One “game” I’ve created is called Stepping Stones. Each piece of paper contains one word, and the girls must step from “stone” to “stone” in order, while saying the Bible verse. The first day I make it easy, with them all in a line, and the second day I will spread the “stones” further apart, mix them up so they have to really look for the correct word, etc. (Our preschooler tags along behind.)

The last day of learning our Bible verse, I cut the words into small word cards, and then mix them up in a pile. The oldest is required to put them in order, and then we tape them together and make a “train.” Once we have the train, we use it to measure different things, like each other!

And this week, since oldest is begining to do copywork with the Bible verse, this is an activity I created to keep the preschooler occupied during this time. I hand her our bag of refrigerator magnets, and tell her to find the first letter of each word and then put them on the Bible verse hanging on the refrigerator.

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