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Last week was NOT a good week. Dealing with getting the car repaired after a fender bender, dealing with the other person’s insurance company, buying new car seats, getting a rental car, and dealing with packers and movers who came and got all of our stuff — can you believe it THAT was the easy part of the week?

But then, add in the hotel that sprung a massive leak. As in, the leak was on the seventh floor. Our room was highly affected.On the third floor. Yeah. Thankfully, we were dealing with soggy carpet and not ruined STUFF because all of our stuff was gone! Now, we’re living in a reconstruction zone with industrial fans, de-humidifier and holes in the walls.

To top it all off, after all the toys are packed up, the car is getting repaired, and we’re living out of suitcases, we find out that our move has been delayed at least two additional weeks.

Which began my complete and total freak out.

Yeah, we all know I have issues with the lack of control over my own life in this Foreign Service lifestyle. So the fact I’ve held it together this long while living in a hotel, it quite miraculous.

All the same, it was a pretty ugly sight.

The weekend was spent just coming to the point of acceptance and resignation. And we’re back to waiting. Just waiting for answers, decisions, and a chance to move forward.

This period of waiting with seemingly no direction and no “purpose” can be so demoralizing. And that, for me, leads to just being completely frozen in procrastination. What to do?

So, today, I am pretending to erase last week entirely and declaring a do-over.

In addition, I’m starting to realize certain daily routines that will need to be added to our daily schedules once we eventually DO move . . . somewhere. In order to keep on top of the house insanity, we will all have to pitch in and do one hour of hard-core housework each day, on top of regular pick-up. That should keep us from living in a total pig sty. I don’t know how much of the deep cleaning can fit in that hour, but that will be my goal. Right now I think my idea will be to focus on a certain area or chore each day, just to keep up. I hope our budget will be able to grow and allow us someone to come in once a week and do some of the heavy-duty cleaning and ironing.

So for today, we spent the morning getting Mt. St. Laundry folded and completely put away. Quite an endeavor, but the girls are getting much better at helping – they now sort and fold all the socks and their underwear. As soon as we do one day move, I’m going to start them learning the towels and wash cloths next, since those are the next easiest part of the task. One thing I am trying to teach them is that when we all work together, we can get more done more quickly, and then we can move on to more fun things!

For the rest of the day: I do have a client call this afternoon, so I plan to spend some time writing and catching up on blog work, and paperwork like balancing the checkbook and paying bills, that sort of thing. (All I seem to be behind on at the moment.) And while the girls are playing nicely together right now, I’m going to take a break and get back into my devotional study which I am really looking forward to. Might as well look at the positive of this “limbo-ness:” more time without a plan or schedule means I can devote time to things I want and need to do, like prayer and study time with God!