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Instead of our move being delayed, it’s now been cancelled. (See post on my family blog HERE.) Beginning Wednesday, we were in frantic apartment search mode. We signed a lease on Saturday, and spent Sunday afternoon at IKEA buying a full apartment worth of furniture (we own nothing, because our housing overseas is usually furnished).

By the way, the delivery and building charge at IKEA? Worth every single penny! These guys brought everything up the two flights of stairs, and are now building ALL the furniture in just a few hours, where this would have taken me and my hubbie WEEKS. (Neither of us are the least bit handy at all.) We should be fully moved in (but obviously not unpacked) by the end of this week! I am so looking forward to all of this being done!

I entitled this “Making Some Lemonade,” because I have had to make a very conscious decision to have a good, positive attitude about all of this nonsense this past week. First of all, for the girls, who will take their cues about how to feel about this from me. Thankfully, they are so excited that they will get to stay near all of their new friends here in the area, they could care less about not getting to move overseas like we planned. Hallelujah and Praise the Lord on that one!

But secondly, for the hubbie. If I had a bad attitude about this, he would take it as a personal criticism and that I was blaming him for the change; and he would, in turn, blame himself. For something out of his and in no way his fault. And that’s just not fair.

Crud happens. That’s just life. Therefore, make lemonade. Every time you start to pucker up like you’ve been sucking on a lemon, make some more. And then some more. And eventually, you’ll be addicted!

my pink lemonade addition

Plus there are a lot of good reasons to be happy about being here. Getting to stay involved with our Bible studies and church groups, getting to spend more time with friends, having access to Target and IKEA and Costco, those are all great things. Did I mention how cool IKEA and Target and Costco are???

To be quite honest, I will be a LOT more appreciative of those things when we get past the unpacking phase.

Not having much downtime this past week, I didn’t make a lot of progress on my personal Bible study work. I did copy down all of the Bible verses in chapter two of Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds, to begin meditating on this week. So that will be my goal for this week.

That, setting up the house, and unpacking. Hopefully by next week, we will be back on a “normal” schedule.