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Here it is officially summer. We’re all looking for activities to entertain and occupy the kiddos, while not spending a fortune and keeping our sanity. Can we do it? Yes we can!

Here is a link I’ve been saving since last summer and have been meaning to share with you!

14 Frugal Ideas for Spring and Summertime Fun

which led me to this post:

4 Ways to Find Free Activities in Your Local Community

Plus, here is a list of ideas I shared with friends last summer:

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100 Things to Do Before Kindergarten (except many of them I think are great for any age!)

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Here is a gal’s blog that I like, where she has written about summer planning!

Summer Planning

Summer Planning Worksheet

And if you actually really did another crafty thing to add to your to do list, here is a Pinterest Site, all about Summer Lists!

So there is my info and tip for Thursday: create a summer fun plan, to keep you sane. I personally prefer a calendar-style type over a list, but whatever floats your boat will work!

And if you are wondering about our family’s summer plan: SUMMER CAMPS. We are doing Church camp (VBS), a ballet camp, Spanish immersion camp, and soccer camp. For a variety of reasons, one of which being we are very new to the area, and are trying to help our kids get acclimated and make lots of friends, and then also, to get out of the house! We’ve been cooped up together far too much lately. And this mommy is very much looking forward to her mini mommy-vacation!

When we’re not in camp, we’ll be hanging with friends, going to the pool as much as possible, and pretending to get a bit more school work done (we are schooling year-round this year).