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Hubby decided he wanted to do a little homeschool unit lesson with the girls on the Olympics. So I printed some things off the Internet and they went to town. I was very impressed!

(He created the cutest “lapbooks” with them. And unfortunately, I can’t find them now to take a picture!)

The following weekend, he found out that the National Children’s Museum was having an “Olympics Event.” Well, of COURSE we had to go!

Here are the girls with the torches they made. Ignore the pouting for the camera.
They also had a “track” obstacle course for the kids to do. Our oldest was “too cool,” but our youngest loved it and did it over and over. And over and over.
Here she is “jumping” the hurdles.
Well, we were a little to prissy to actually jump.

And then we colored some Olympics related coloring sheets.

And even more cool (well, at least to us parents), was that there was a REAL, former Olympic medalist there to sign autographs and take pictures with the kids. Her name is Tiombe Hurd, and she still holds the record for the Triple Jump. Nicest gal.

Our oldest wanted to know where she kept all of her medals, and she laughed and told her that her Dad had some, and then she kept the rest in a case at home. Our oldest looked up at me, trying to decide if she would share her future medals with me. I think the jury is still out on that!

And of course, no outing is complete (at least in that heat!) without a visit to get ice cream! Which, of course, the girls say was their favorite part of the day. Little stinkers.