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I love this picture I took randomly this summer. The girls were “playing homeschool.” The youngest (age 4) was listening to the Addition Fact songs on the iPod (what our older is dealing with in math right now), and the older was playing teacher and beauty parlor at the same time. Yup. This is what homeschooling really looks like!

So, I flaked out this summer from posting. I am so sorry, I feel like I let myself down as much as you guys. But I have a very good reason.


So that apartment we moved into? Yeah, apparently the entire building is infested with roaches. Of different varieties. By the millions.

I couldn’t help but see the irony as I was learning more about roaches than I never wanted to know. I can now tell you exactly the life cycle of roaches, what kills them (nothing) and what doesn’t (just about everything), and even what their eggs and poop look like. Homeschooling at its finest. IT WAS GROSS AND NASTY.

I really hope ya’ll aren’t retching right now and still reading.

We did find a new place to live finally, but in the meantime, we went through weekly full extermination sessions – emptying every single cabinet and closet and leaving the house for a full day, come home and put everything back, only to have them come crawling back out of the walls a few hours later. I am not even kidding. It was really that bad. Really.

We finally got into our new (beautiful, clean, safe neighborhood, and most importantly, insect-free) townhouse almost two weeks ago, and we are feverishly unpacking and trying to get re-settled.

Last week I added it up, and as a family, if you count the month long stays with family, hotels, and temporary apartments, we have moved eight times. In the past two years. To say we are all completely sick of it would be an understatement.

What else did we do this summer? We took advantage of the plethora of summer camp programs in our area, and the girls participated in church camp (VBS) for two weeks, Spanish immersion camp for three weeks, and one week of “ballet camp.” (The girls really miss ballet.) And right now our oldest is finishing up two weeks of “math camp”, where they are working on the dreaded addition math facts. We’re hoping this will get us over the hump when we get back to homeschool full-time next week. And we also did a joint birthday party for the girls in July.

And I have been working on networking and drumming up more coaching business. My website designer is feverishly (I hope) working on the re-design of my website. So far all I have is my new logo to share.

But, mainly, our hobby this summer has been apartment hunting and the murdering of mutant bugs. God, I am so ever thankful we are done with all of that.