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My computer just ate my long, brilliant post. So please imagine something totally witty, amazing, and insightful here!

In my life this week… this week was just one of those weeks where all the stars align and things were actually accomplished. Let’s see, I: wrote the Co-Op drama class curriculum for the semester and came up with multiple options for the year-end program, wrote my notes and a handout for a work speaking engagement coming up, a newsletter, and all the blog posts for Mondays and Fridays for my business blog through the end of the year! We went to Co-Op on Tuesday, Church Wednesday night, cleaned the house, kept up with all the laundry daily, AND even did a huge cooking session with the girls on Friday! And on top of that? We actually got a good chunk of homeschool work done.

I know right? Who’s been spiking the water around here?

In our homeschool this week . . . Our oldest today was learning about fourths (1/4) vs. halves (1/2). So, for lunch we cut our sandwiches into fourths! PLUS, she actually volunteered to help me with laundry so she could fold the washcloths into fourths!!! Oh, if only there were math problems that made all cleaning fun!

Our youngest has started working her way through MFW K this year, and is currently studying the letter M for Moon. So, for dinner tonight we had “moon cookies.” And the best part? Mom gets to eat the leftovers!

And our cooking extravaganza this week? Two dishes of Manicotti (one to freeze) and muffins because they both start with the letter M! I also made a batch of apple butter and peanut butter dip, since I was destroying the kitchen anyway!

What’s not working for us . . . The local Christian Co-Op we joined. Long, complicated, convoluted story (the part that my computer crashed and lost) but the main point is I just keep waffling back and forth on what to do. Do I quit — which would make me happiest and relieve an inordinate amount of stress? — or stay — because I made this commitment and should see it through no matter what.

I’m grateful for . . . being able to blog again. I truly missed it and felt so unconnected.

One more picture to share . . . Hubby and my oldest showing team spirit. It’s all about the U!

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