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In my life this week… Somehow I have done something to my computer to where ALL the fonts on the internet-related things I do, show up in Italics. A friend sent me a link on how to fix it, but it seems inordinately complicated. Which is why I’m still looking at everything in italics!

And oh, I came down with a monster sinus infection. First one of the season. Joy. Thank you God for antibiotics!

In our homeschool this week… Daddy was home from work early some this week, and took over catching us up on all the “science” I have been falling behind on lately. So, we were able to finish the week in a very good spot, and got LOTS accomplished.

My favorite thing this week was… My Bible study group. I’m leading a study on prayer, and it’s been awesome, but this week’s lesson is starting to get hard. Which is good. And the ladies in the group are just lovely ladies.

I’m cooking… we’ve had company over twice this week for dinner! We love having people over, I’d rather have people over than go out, frankly. Monday I made creamy pumpkin soup and tonight was raspberry chipotle sauce on a pork tenderloin. And not one drop of leftovers, daganabbit.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Okay, this is really not homeschool related, I just want to take a minute to tell you all to go schedule your “yearly” appointment, and make sure you get a tata exam or a mammogram! (Did you guys watch the show Parenthood this week? Oh my. Heartbreaking episode.)

I’m grateful for… weight lost. After waiting for it to go away on its own, I just this week got ticked off enough at the scale and took matters into my own hands. I’m going hard-core “South Beach/Adkins” for a while – it seems to be the only thing that works for my body (getting rid of ALL flour related products and almost all dairy). It’s been hard, but I’m down about four pounds in four days.(Obviously, most of that was water weight.) My only problem right now is that being sick earlier this week, I got re-addicted to sweet tea. I had kicked that eons ago . . . .

Things I’m working on… I’m working (or trying to) very hard on my business right now, trying to build it up and bring in the moolah.

I’m praying for… I’ve been “working” on prayer a lot recently, since starting to lead this Bible study on Wednesdays! I’m praying for my husband, the ladies in my group, my girls, and myself – I find myself my truly “panting for the Lord” and needing him like the very air, lately. Plus the song lyrics, “No other name, Jesus, Jesus” just keep going through my head over and over. There’s a lot going on here, and I do have quite a few burdens on my heart right now. I could use any extra prayers you guys have!

I’m reading… Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. (Same guy who wrote Wild at Heart.) It is a GREAT book.

Pictures to Share… These of our girls last weekend, at a little fair. Because what fair would be complete without messy ice cream?

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