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I obviously have gotten out of the habit of taking pictures of our homeschool work!

Our oldest (MFW 1st and Saxon Math 1) is currently learning about the fraction 1/4. So for lunch last week, we cut our sandwiches into fourths – three different ways!

We are also FINALLY at the point in the MFW 1st grade curriculum were we have gotten to timeline and Bible reader, and past the worst of the phonics stuff. The phonics portion at the beginning was about to make me poke my eyeballs out. I don’t know why, other than all of the sudden she seemed to start going SOOOO SLOOOOOOOWWWWW and we could never get anything done. But, just in the past week, it’s changed, and I now realize she was just in the brain drain of processing it all, and now that we’re past that hump, she’s off to the races again. Sometimes, I forget that she’s just six and still learning, because she seems to absorb most things so easily.

And since she went to a math camp this summer, she has mastered the dreaded addition and subtraction math facts with ease! Praise the Lord on that one, because I am terribly math challenged, and was struggling on how to help her. Nothing I tried seemed to work. But now, I can hardly keep up. Again.

Our youngest is now four, but we have decided to go ahead and start her on MFW K curriculum, knowing we’d most likely have to really take our time and not push it. Amazingly, she is doing FABULOUS. Her handwriting is terrible, but that is the only thing really she struggles with. I know that that is mostly because of her fine motor skills needing to catch up with her brain, though.

We just finished up the M (Moon) unit with her. This past week, I got into one of my crazy cooking moods, and we made Manicotti for dinner, muffins for breakfast, and surprised the girls with “moon cookies” for dessert. Mommy got to eat all the “oops.”

That’s all I have for this week! I will try to get more on the ball for next week!

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