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In my life this week… Work (I work from home) has been picking up, which is a blessing, and also a dear friend stopped by to drop off two large garbage bags of clothes for the girls. Which required a massive deep-clean of the house to make it presentable, because that had fallen to the wayside while I dealt with everything else. We also spent entirely too much time getting ready for Hurricane Sandy – doing lots of chores and cleaning that desperately needed to be done; I just didn’t want to waste the time doing it!

In our homeschool this week… We are cruising right along with school, trying to shove it in around my work and dealing with everything else. We’re a wee bit behind but we’ll catch up. Eventually. Pictures and specifics about this week are here.

My favorite thing this week was… My oldest (age 6) grabbed a random book off her bookshelf this week and came to me and READ THE WHOLE THING. And I realized, oh my goodness, I have a reader now. Where did my little baby go?

What’s working… Silliness. As much silliness as I can into our schoolwork. It just really makes the day go so much more smoothly. And the girls love it and have a blast. We’ve incorporated marching/jumping/running-in-place/dancing while repeating (aka. memorizing) our Bible verse each day, and this week the sillies took over and we started to “act out” our Bible verse. Or while working on the song we’ve been trying to learn (actually just working on the chorus, since the entire song is quite difficult), we’ve incorporated hand-motions (very basic ASL sign language) and yes, dance break interludes during the verses. I guess we’re really getting into “the joy of the Lord” part of singing and praising!

I’m reading… I am finally getting around to reading For the Children’s Sake. I don’t know how much I’m absorbing as I feel completely brain-dead. Does anyone else have problems switching gears from children’s literature into “grown-up reading? 😉

I’m cooking… I made pumpkin pie dip (using ginger snaps to dip into the dip), and an apple pie this week. We also made caramel apples with some friends, but only the adults liked it. The kids wouldn’t eat them!

I’m grateful for… Several of my clients have gotten jobs this week! (I’m a career coach.) Which is so very exciting and affirming, but tends to put me out of work! But I really appreciate how much they say that what I do has helped them.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share… Here are some just adorable recent ones of my girls.

Field trip to Downtown DC with Daddy

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