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Here are pictures of our homeschool this week!

We are in week 11 (day 49-52 approximately) of My Father’s World 1st Grade. For some reason, this week we also were highly infected with a case of the sillies. So, in order to keep us focused we resorted to a lot more physical activities than even normal.

Our normal jumping/marching while repeating our Bible verse turned into running around the room/dancing and finally “acting it out.”

Our Bible verse this week was:

“A heart at peace . . .”

“gives life to the body,. . .”

(here we are crazy dancing because we are full of life)

“but envy . . .”

“rots the bones. Proverbs 14:30”

(We fell to the floor because our bones are all rotted.)

And here we are, playing what is now a “required” game with our Bible verse. Each page has a word on it, and they must step on the “stepping-stones” as they say each word. My youngest (age 4) has taken over laying the papers out, as long as I have them in order. On this particular day, she made the path quite easy, but normally she tries to “trick” her big sister by making it hard.

Our youngest is working through My Father’s World Kindergarten program, and is really doing fabulous. This week we have been working on the letter A for Apple. She enjoys using the dry erase boards for “practice” before we do some of her worksheets (and this also occupies her while I’m trying to do math with the older).

We have done tons of apple activities this week, especially cooking. (We went apple picking in September and ended up with 40 pounds of apples. So I have TONS of apples to use up!) Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of most of them. We had friends over to make caramel apples  – which only the adults actually liked. And when we finish up the unit next week, I have several craft projects related to the unit.

But, I DID get a picture of the apple pie we made together. YUMMY. Only now that I’ve figured out how to make a pie, I’ve got to learn how to cut one without totally ruining it.

Back in our classroom, here is our oldest working on her math lesson (Saxon Math 1), practicing making congruent shapes.

We didn’t completely finish this week’s work because I had to stop and take time to prep for Hurricane Sandy. (And there are just too many fun things to do with this week with both programs!) But since we’ll be housebound most of next week, I know we’ll make it up easily.

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