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I have finally gotten everything organized and de-junked enough that I don’t feel embarrassed to take pictures! And so, I thought I’d go ahead and show you pictures of our homeschool area!

Our homeschool area is a sectioned-off part of our “basement” (bottom-floor of our townhouse), which is mainly a playroom. One of the major perks of this space is a MASSIVE closet with accordian doors, where we have a majority of our classroom area.

Since we are renting and I’m concerned with damaging the walls too much by tacking artwork up over and over and over, I’ve covered the walls with huge bulletin boards. I got these SUPER cheap at the nearby thrift store (the most expensive one was $3!)

Much of the artwork is from the summer camps they attended – one was a Spanish immersion camp, and they came home with the cutest craft projects. I didn’t have the heart to throw them out yet, so I kept the best, and whatever pertains to what we are studying this year I displayed. We are limited on storage space, so eventually most of these will have to go. Eventually.

My younger child has her “chart” hanging right behind her desk (we used this for potty-training, and now for breaking the thumb sucking habit). When she fills it up the girls get to pick something out of my prize bag. Bribery, but it works, so I’m sticking with it!

I hung up the blow-up globe on the ceiling using one of those adhesive hooks! It works great, and comes off easily if needed.

The red hanging files hold “active” folders, and the green bins on the floor hold our entire kindergarten curriculum neatly organized together. The black wire bins on the shelves hold the 1st grade curriculum pages.

And here is a picture of the infamous first grade MFW “timeline.” Since I ran out of wall room I had to go vertical with it.

Our weekly Bible verses (once we’re finished with them) are hung on the wall above the classroom area. I’m running out of room quickly! Not sure what I will do.

Here is the bookcase that divides our classroom from the playroom area and stores pretty much EVERYTHING we need for school. When I thought we were moving overseas, I invested in a ton of science-related books, and so we keep those here. The purple bins on the bottom hold all of our preschool-activity bags, but both girls still love playing with them. Mostly they are puzzles, memory card games, that sort of thing. The two brown totes hold all of our manipulatives.

The basket on the top row holds everything I’ve collected that I now call my “fidget toys.” Since my oldest was diagnosed with ADHD last year, I’ve learned that often she needs to have something in her hands in order to be able to help process her thoughts (also a sign of a VERY kinesthetic learner). So, I started collecting items this summer. I have some in the pink bag on top, which is our activity bag for church. 1st graders start sitting through the church service, and this bag is my attempt to keep her happy and still enough so I can actually pay attention partially to the sermon. Besides colored pencils and crayons, there are Bible-related activity sheets and coloring pages I’ve collected all summer, in addition to a few of the fidget toys.

Here is the wall beside our classroom. The mat on the floor was a Black Friday deal for Christmas last year. I taped all of the pieces together on the bottom side, and we use it to do activities on (and to protect the landlord’s carpet).

And this is the felt calendar I purchased at the Homeschool convention last summer. Again, this is one of my cheap bulletin boards (about $2 I think this time!) and I covered it with felt using a hot glue gun and a staple gun. All of these pieces I cut out myself, because buying them uncut made it cheaper. It took forever – I think next time I would pay for the ease of not having to do that myself again. I love this calendar. It’s so colorful and fun. (I had planned to hang this on the wall, but I ummm, wasn’t paying attention and ran out of room.)

This is another closet in the playroom area that stores all of the school supplies I’ve been hoarding. About 90% of this is from back-to-school 1-cent deals and the dollar store.Yup. Except for the construction paper – I bought a huge stack of that at Costco and put it one of those black bins.

Well, that’s our classroom! Hope you enjoyed the tour!