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One of our friends invited us to join them for apple and raspberry picking! We met up at a farm in Maryland.

We spent quite a while picking raspberries, but only about 10 minutes picking apples! The lady in charge of the field directed us down to the very end of the field, and we filled our baskets just by going to one our two trees! Amazingly, we picked 40 pounds of apples in those ten minutes.

Once we got home, the real work began. I had to figure out a way to use up and freeze the apples before they could go bad! Thankfully, hubby let me get this apple peeler at the gift shop on the farm. AWESOME INVENTION. I highly recommend it. It peels, slices and cores the apple all at once. Did I mention how awesome it is??

So, here is a picture of the apples once I got done prepping a batch. I froze most of our apples (poured a bit of lemon juice over them first) to save them for later.

Then, we got busy trying a ton of new recipes with our raspberries and apples. Here are our new favorites:

Baked Chicken with Apple Stuffing – This is super easy and very yummy. But we tend to like a little “kick,” so I might sneak a couple cranberries into the stuffing mix on the bottom next time.

Honey Baked Apples – The recipe calls for cranberries, but I used raspberries this time. BUT, I bet it would be amazing with cranberries too.

But, I think I overcooked mine. Or, maybe using the muffin tin wasn’t the best idea. I thought it would be better to help keep them from tipping over.
This is what they looked like with served up. I definitely need to try this one again to see if I can fix it.
Caramel Apple Pie – If you like caramel apples, then this is the pie for you. I’ve made this pie twice now, and it is actually pretty easy. I’ve never made a pie before and was able to do this well. One suggestion I’m gonna try for next time is to put the caramels into a food processor and turn them into shavings. Otherwise you get little gooey caramel pieces stuck in your teeth while enjoying all this yumminess.
It looked a lot better before I attempted to cut it. I haven’t mastered that yet.
Here are some other recipes we tried, but I don’t have pictures of.Smoked Sausage and Apple Bake – This one was good, but a little too much sauerkraut for me. Hubby liked it more.

Easy Raspberry Chicken – We prepped several of these ahead of time and froze them together in Ziploc bags. Not quite as pretty as the picture, but it is super yummy and easy on our busy days.

Raspberry Chipotle Sauce – Oh my goodness, this stuff is AWESOME. I make this with a pork tenderloin. I made several batches and put them in Ziploc and froze them. Which reminds me, we really need to eat this again very soon!