Today I am thankful for FLEXIBILITY.

I am so appreciative of a lifestyle where I am allowed to live with flexibility. My work is not a rigid “punch-in punch-out” job, but gives me the freedom to schedule around the needs of my family. And also, homeschooling is allowing me the freedom to schedule “school” around the needs of my work. It’s not a big deal to take a break from school in the morning to get a business call in, or block out time from work because we need to do a field trip. I can stop school for five minutes and flip laundry and carry a load up the stairs.

And also, my family life is flexible. Yes, we do have our routines, and things that have to happen at certain times, but in general – if dinner happens at 6:30pm instead of 6pm, that is perfectly okay. No one is going to freak out. Hubby is understanding enough that if the bathrooms didn’t cleaned today because the laundry was done instead, it’s not a big deal. And gets that some days, I just need to give the girls a “free play” day just to save my own sanity, or instead I might have to turn the trip to the grocery store into a school activity, counting fruit, or finding all the food that starts with the letter Y. It will eventually all work. And I really appreciate that
because it releases a lot of pressure off of my (the mommy’s) shoulders.

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