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Have I lost you guys already? Right now I’m in the midst of purging all my scrapbook paper. And have totally trashed my office in the process (which is why I never started this project, LOL.) I did purge over half of a bin, though!

I’m in the midst of all three of these projects, and hope to get a bit more caught up with all of them today. Two (the file cabinet archive and putting up the bulletin board in the playroom) are fairly easy projects to complete- but this scrapbooking paper project might take up more time.

Challenge Step #3

Purge Your Files
Time to start the shredding party!!

Get a box or laundry basket, or something and start going through your file cabinet bit by bit and pull all the things you’d like to get rid of. Anything that needs to be shredded goes into the box or basket, everything else that doesn’t can go straight to your garbage bag.

(Little tip – before shredding any financial documents – and only doing that by speaking to your financial adviser – you might want to scan those and at least have an electronic copy for just in case emergencies. If you need to do that, I’d suggest starting a stack for that as well.)

Put your shredder and your pile of stuff in the middle of the living room, and task someone in your family with it. Unless you need to catch up on weeks of TV DVR’d items tonight or something! Otherwise, delegate, delegate, delegate!!!!!!