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Challenge Step #4
It’s time to file that to-be-filed mountain. Or, if it’s anything like my house, it’s Mount Vesuvius. Really – the pile seems to fall over and explode anytime I walk by. And I really need that corner of my office back. So, it’s time to kill that monster.

Remember to sort, purge, shred, or archive through that pile as you go. I found QUITE a bit, that I’ve lost “attachment” to, and could purge, while I was walking through this step. And, if you find things that need to go in your “Deal with” pile, put on your desk AND DEAL WITH IT ASAP. Don’t let it just sit there. (But also don’t spend a million years doing it, we don’t have much more time this month!

My Update:

I was trying to do this step early, and boy did I get bogged down in my own mess!

I shredded a large pile of paper yesterday (have found more though, of course.) Plus, I taught my youngest how to put things in the shredder while I tore the staples out of everything!

I have another laundry basket of things to go downstairs in my “archive files”, I’ve been tossing things like a madwoman, I’ve been making files and tossing things, and of course I’ve got huge mess of stuff on my desk to deal with. I haven’t finished filing things away, sadly. Since I’ve been making that to-be-filed pile since last May at least, it’s kind of terrible. But I have at least cleared most of the office floor (which compared to yesterday is a miracle), and you can actually walk through it now. I hope to finish the rest of all this nonsense today, if my work time this afternoon permits!