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Challenge Step #5


Yup, only a few days in the month left! I know that I am not where I wanted to be right now, BUT my goal was to purge the paper monster and that has been done. Now, I need to focus on taming that paper monster! Which, frankly, might take another month at the rate I’m going. The deep organization part is gonna have to wait for a while, I think.

So, we need to focus on the big area that I know we have all avoided up until now. THE DESK. Even if it’s not a real “desk” for you, it’ll be the spot where you’ve been piling stuff as you’ve been cleaning and purging. That normal to-do mountain has bred like a bunch of bunnies, hasn’t it?

So, today’s challenge is to CLEAR OFF THE DESK. And it’s not allowed to be dumped in any piles anywhere anymore. DEAL WITH IT. Piece by piece if you have to. Clear off the desk until it’s empty, then wipe and dust it down. Who knows when it will be this clean again, right?

My update:
I did get started on this step yesterday, and I’ve been trying to work on this when I had mini breaks during worktime. So, I’ve been able to make some progress, and finally yesterday it finally started to look like I was getting real results. I moved my “hot files” basket off the corner of my desk onto the bookshelf behind me (after I cleaned it out, of course). That alone has made my office and desk “feel” better – my view is no longer obstructed by a big mass of files, AND the basket itself is cleaned out and neat.

I still have my “deal with this NOW” folder, and I’ve got it hanging in my organizer on the wall. Which means it really can’t hold that much – so hopefully that will help me keep it from getting too bogged down.

But I really have a LONG WAY TO GO. Need to deal with the piles on my desk, another pile of papers that need to be re-filed in a binder, little weird things (like checking some gift cards to see if they have anything left on them) that are randomly covering my desk. I’m trying to get through it all as soon as possible.