In my life this week…
I won’t lie. I started writing this last weekend and never finished! So, pretend this says, “In my life the past two weeks. . . .”

In our homeschool this week… we actually got some school work done! The youngest finished the letter “C” for “Cow,” and has moved on to “H” for “Horse.”  (eta. and we’re starting E for “Elephant!”) This is after she had her adenoids out two Saturdays ago! She was up and bouncing around, back to normal by Sunday morning. AMAZING. In fact, when I tried to keep her home from church that morning, she informed me (with plenty of four-year-old-going-on-preteen sass) “I AM going to church today. Church is fun.” Deadpanned and everything.

Our oldest is cranking right along in her work. She completed the Saxon Math 1 book, and so we’re taking some time and just doing random review worksheets for math right now. Until I get around to getting organized and deciding if I want to stay with Saxon Math, or move over to Singapore. I like what I hear about Singapore, but it completely intimidates me. She’s reading great and plowing her way through her reading work. She’d do that all day long if I let her, and I’ve actually been doubling her up on assignments some days. We’re so far “behind” I figure it can’t hurt. (In my original estimates, we would have been done in December at the latest.  All you homeschool moms, you are allowed to bust out laughing with me right now.)

Oh, and (part) of our curriculum for next year has arrived! Just waiting for convention in June to get the rest!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

I have joined several Facebook groups that are for our curriculum (My Father’s World). This has been awesome, because everyone shares all of their ideas and I can just copy everything they are doing without doing any of the work! Currently I’ve got a “homeschool” folder saved on my internet browser, so anytime I see anything cool I can just save it and find it later.

I am inspired by… my children’s bravery. My kids are not the bravest, by any means. My youngest is actually frightfully shy and timid. And my oldest is a bit high strung and panicky. So, whenever I see them being brave, it just melts my heart. Like my youngest at the surgical center right before getting her tonsils out. Or last Friday at the hair salon, when she actually allowed someone to wash and cut her hair, without me having to do it or at the very least hold her hand the entire time (I was in the middle of getting mine done or I would have!) Or my oldest allowing the dermatologist to put the medicine on the wart we’ve been trying to get rid of (it stings).

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… Doctors. Within the past two weeks we’ve been to the ENT for youngest’s adenoids out, CT scan for me, and Dermatologist (wart removal) and Dr for my oldest. This week were more ENT trips for me, to prep for my sinus surgery next week. Joy joy.

My favorite thing this week was… Finishing the taxes, seeing that nice refund number, and hitting the SUBMIT button. What a load off my mind.

Things I’m working on… We’re working on truth telling in our house. How, why, what happens when you don’t, etc. Ugh. Being a mommy is not all glitz and glamor.

I’m reading… Well, I just finished the newest Tom Clancy book and JD Robb book.

I’m praying for… that Hubby and all the men at the church retreat last weekend had a good time, for Hubby’s upcoming interviews next week.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share. . .

Yes. Yes I do.

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