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Audacious Faith

This practice isn’t something I grew up with. But I’m really pondering the idea of this statement he makes:

“I’m wondering what it would look like for you, to start approaching your everyday life and the ordinary affairs, that you might think are not holy sacred activities, with this same kind of intensity, and you started speaking God’s word over your own life as you go to work, as you raise your family. . . . But what would it look like for you to start making these audacious faith confessions, to find scriptures that relate to the struggles and the battles and the pressures of your life and begin to speak God’s word.  God told Joshua. “Do not let this Word depart from your mouth, but meditate on it day and night, so that you may have success wherever you go.”

I love how he calls it, “Preaching God’s Word to yourself.”

Where do we need God? Where do we need to see more of Him?

And what amazing things would happen if we did do this? If we spoke these words our day, our work, our home, our marriage?

I’m feeling called to investigate this concept and try this idea in my own life. Would you join me, in trying this “experiment”? And aren’t these last few weeks pf Lent, leading up to Easter, the best time to really start living truly free?

And what if you and your spouse started speaking the Word of God over your marriage together?

Please link up in the comments, share, if you feel so comfortable, what verses you’ve chosen, and what type of experiences you are having in your life because of these verses.

I promise, this is a new experience for me as well, so I look forward to seeing what miracles God works in all of us.

(If you would like to download the Faith Confessions he speaks of, go here.)