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One of my absolute favorite things about homeschooling?

Field Trips!

The National Building Museum had a “Homeschool Day” in March, complete with multiple classes for children to participate in. We chose a class called “My House, My Home” that both girls could attend at the same time.


You do NOT want to drive there. Take the Metro. It’s right across the street! And my girls consider a ride on the Metro a field trip in itself!

So, the girls took their class. And blessedly, they informed me that they were “too big” to have me go in with them. Which means I got to spend an hour and a half sitting in the coffee shop. Drinking a cup of coffee all by myself. In peace and quiet. For an hour and a half.

It was awesome.

The price of the class (just $9 per child, I believe) also included admission to the museum (this is not a free Smithsonian museum, sadly). So after eating our snack lunch in the  large open  atrium, we headed to one of the open play rooms!

The girls could have easily played in here for hours.


???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????



Their finished project. It’s a princess castle. With a moat. Can’t you tell?

SONY DSC ???????????????????????????????And just in case you need some “educational justification” to come play here for several hours:???????????????????????????????

I bet My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum users will recognize these! Yes, in a museum display case! How funny is that???


It’s really to bad that we had to leave early for me to get back to work. Next time, hopefully we can sign up the girls for more “classes” and spend the day.


The ride home on the metro. Why do kids think it’s so cool? Oh, you can get a glimpse of the craft they made in their class – a little “house.”