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I wanted to share some random homeschool pictures with you!

Here is our youngest, learning the letter P! One of the tactile activities that I added to the MFW K program was a “letter bag.” We have a gallon Ziploc filled with magnet letters that she digs through and picks out for each letter unit. (I collected these at yard sales and thrift shops, so we have quite a collection!)



Look! P is for Ponytails!

On our final snow day! Since we had learned about 3-D shapes recently in math, we practiced by making Snow “Spheres” instead of Snow Balls! The girls actually got really into this, which was hilarious!???????????????????????????????

I also convinced them that shoveling snow was fun. Go me!???????????????????????????????



And here is our first official Pajama Homeschool Day. One day, our oldest came to me complaining. “Mom, So-and-So had a Pajama Day at her school. Why don’t we get to have a Pajama Day?”

Umm, child, we home school. I don’t see why doing school in your pajamas is that exciting when we can do that every single day. But, whatever. You wanna a Pajama Day? We’ll have a Pajama Day.




And the rest of these pictures are just for fun!

My girls are serious fashionistas. We have bins of dress-up clothes and I never know what I’m going to see next.

Here is the Egyptian princess who found baby Moses. Obviously, a princess needs a crown. (You just have to imagine that with a four-year-old valley girl voice to get the full effect.) And I think the purple bow just makes the outfit, don’t you?

SONY DSC Oh, and this is how I was greeted one day. Some serious style, happening, no? SONY DSC SONY DSC