I know, I know. We actually hit 100 Days of School ages ago, but I’ve been putting off the “Party” part of it. We’d be skipping it today too, if I didn’t have to turn those particular library books in.

(I’m in the midst of a major “Isn’t school over already?” cabin fever. I’m just over it.)


Today I promised the girls we’d do our 100 Days party finally.

We ready two books from the library, one of them being Fancy Nancy’s 100 Day of School, since my oldest gets a kick out of that series, and then counted 100 on our 100 chart.

We looked for something around the house that we could count to 100. The girls chose their books. Apparently they were able to count to 100 twice and still have more books to go. Yikes! Yes, apparently I’m a book hoarder. I need a 12 step program.

We made necklaces out of 100 beads.


We made 100 Day glasses (This was a handout I purchased from Scholastic Teacher Express. Twice a year they do a $1 sale, and it’s AWESOME. Again, I know. I have a problem and need a 12-step program!)


After doing that, they were getting a bit antsy, so we jumped up and down and counted 100 jumps.

We then made pictures with 100 star stickers.


We got out these adorable felt cut-out animals that I bought last year at the HEAV Convention Exhibition Hall (hint, hint – subliminal advertising happening here!) and counted 10 groups of 10.


And I’ve been informed that we need brownies to celebrate. Or, the argument was made (I swear one of these girls is going to be a lawyer) that we needed to make  100 desserts. I stuck with brownies today, it seemed a lot easier!


Ghiradelli Brownie Mix from Costco, by the way. Seriously the best brownies EVER.

And now, it seems that we are done with the 100 Days Party in our family, since we’re doing Kindergarten for the last time. Does anyone out there carry it on as a “tradition” after the Kindergarten/First Grade time?  I’m curious!

(Here is our link to our last 100 Days Party for more ideas!)