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Day One of HEAV Convention has come and gone, and if you’re like me, you’re sitting in a hotel room, playing on your laptop in the dark while you’re rugrats are sleeping!

Next year, someone should remind me: we should write articles about all the cool things to do in and around Richmond before and after the HEAV convention! 🙂

We hit up the Richmond Science Museum since we arrived early today! (PS. There is a really good Jamaican “hole-in-the-wall” place across the street from the Science Museum. GOOD FOOD. YUM!)


This would be a “Daddy” Robot. Because Dads all drink lots of coffee.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

And then, it was back to the hotel to get settled, and then on to the HEAV Convention!

First up, a group picture of the HEAV blogger group this year:


That would be me on the far right, in the blue shirt. With my eyes closed. AGAIN. Sigh. Never fails. Everyone else looks great though!

And then, the doors opened to the Exhibit Hall and the fun really began!!!

More on all of that later, but first up, I’d love to introduce you to some of the “Young Entrepreneurs” Exhibitors! But seriously, don’t let that “young” make you think these guys don’t know what they are doing — they have some fabulously cute things available this year! Please go support them!



Here the girls are modeling their cute new jean skirts – which of course they want to go ahead and wear tomorrow. And yes, the girls look dorky, but at least I have my eyes open this time right??



This gal is an AMAZING seamstress. Heck, there are dresses here I would wear myself if they were my size. Oh, and if Nana is reading, the girls had their eye on quite a few of these outfits. . . . .


That’s all for tonight! More pictures tomorrow morning, if I possibly can! I’ve had the best time talking to all of the folks in the Exhibit Hall so far, these are some of the NICEST folks, so ready to chat and answer your questions, and best of all, they love homeschoolers!!!!

If you guys see me, come say hi!!!!