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That should be a victory, right? Even more, hubby likes everything I got AND started choosing things he wanted to add to the list! (We can be a bad combination if we aren’t super careful, ha!)

First up, because heck, it’s the SOUTH and food always comes first:

My Dinner. I think I might have gotten through 1/3 of it. Maybe. Don't worry, I ate a salad, too!

My Dinner. I think I might have gotten through 1/3 of it. Maybe. Don’t worry, I ate a salad, too!

Extra Billy’s BBQ  – I’m a little worried about sharing this with you guys. Let’s keep this place our little secret, okay? 🙂

So, the morning started with 2 Duggar Sessions – and I found them to be completely sweet and genuine and  beautiful. Yes, during lunch I happened to see the older girls all UP CLOSE (I chickened out from talking to them – I was worried about looking like some weird stalker fan, even though I was just dying to talk to Michelle.) and they are just beautiful girls with such sweet smiles. And you’ve ever just been secretly curious if they are any different when they are not on TV?  Nope. Michelle honestly seems exactly the same  — nice, sweet, and genuine. Exactly what you see on TV were the exact same people I saw today. And yes, I am STILL kicking myself for not at least going up and talking to them. But who wants to be accosted while they’re trying to scarf down food in between sessions? Sigh.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda vs. seize the day and all that.

??????????????????????????????? SONY DSC SONY DSC???????????????????????????????

What struck me, is that after 19 kids and about 30 years of marriage, they still seem as googly-eyed at each other as young teenagers.
I turned around and looked behind me and there were more “Duggars” sitting right there! I snuck this picture when they weren’t looking. (That’s Anna’s sister, so I guess that makes her an honorary Duggar, right?)


From lunch it was the Used Curriculum Sale – where I was just going to run in for a few minutes. Well, you all know how that goes.

SONY DSC SONY DSCI behaved myself for the most part, but oh I got some really great deals!!!

And after that, it was back to the Exhibit hall, where we signed up with the HSLDA, (check out their booth if you haven’t already, they’ve got some great deals going), and then to a couple vendors to get the last of our must haves. Plus, hubby and I had some really amazing conversations with a few vendors, that I will be sharing with you guys in the next few days! I wish I could do it all now, but seriously, we barely stopped moving all day, and my feet are aching enough to prove it!

Just one more day left to soak up all the inspiration, knowledge, advice, and  stuff to get you through the next year! – Well, almost. If you haven’t yet already, hit the big HEAV table and join, they have been such a great wealth of support to me this past year, and when I called them in a slight panic last August, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the calming voice on the other end of the line!

Oh, and get the MP3’s!! That way you have the recordings of ALL the sessions to keep you motivated and encouraged all year long!!