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Yes, I finally finished organizing for homeschool this year. At 11:45pm Sunday night, about 15 minutes before my deadline! We started school on Monday and I was determined to have everything done before then. (Of course, once I started I realized there were a ton of copies I hadn’t made and still needed, but that’s beside the point, right?? Ha!)

First off, of course I decided not to fix what isn’t broken! I love that our classroom is combined with my office, and the layout of the room is working well. So, that is staying. Pretty much everything is staying, except everything remotely related to preschool and kindergarten curriculum. Wow, I had so much stuff to get rid of! This last time through I came up with an entire laundry basket of stuff left, even after passing along a huge bin of stuff!

So, here is our classroom for the year:

Behind our door, we have our file holder, and weather chart.


Just to the left of the door is our felt calendar.


Inside each girl’s desk, we store their workbooks and binders, and their pencil bags are right beside their desk.

???????????????????????????????New this year! A file box to hold all of our “art” books. My girls love to draw, so I stocked up on various “How to Draw” type books. They love them. I make copies of the pages they want, so the books are completely reusable.

???????????????????????????????Here is our school bookshelf, which is jam-packed this year! On top are various science project kits and curriculum related games. The blue bag with numbers is my “prize bag” for the girls. The flower bag is my supply bag with more pencils, crayons, glue sticks, etc. (We have more stocked up in the basement. Just no room up here to put it!) And the brown tote at the top is our curriculum, all organized for the year.


And here are a few pictures of the inside of the baskets/bins.

???????????????????????????????This is our “fidget” basket.


Our manipulatives.


And, at the bottom of the bookcase, just part of our Tag Reader stash. I absolutely love Leapfrog products – and my girls love them more.

SONY DSCAnd so, this is what my girls walked into on Monday Morning!

SONY DSC SONY DSCBut more of that very very soon!