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I saw this article today, talking about how parents should set up their lives to “flourish.”

Now, while this is talking about working parents, I immediately thought of our family. I’m sure no parent wants anything more than for their children “flourish” as well.

“Seventeen percent of adults are ‘flourishing,’ meaning, they live in a different state of consciousness than the rest of us,” Carter says. “For every negative emotion they experience, they experience at least three positive emotions. Most of us experience the opposite — one positive emotion for every three negative ones.”

If we can reverse that ratio and enter a state of “flourishing,” studies show our actual physiology changes. We become more fluid verbally, and more creative; we become better at solving problems; we have more energy… the list goes on.

“It’s not just that you’re doing different things when you enter this state,” Carter says. “You have a different engine.” In other words, when you’re flourishing, your brain is actually working better. You have more resources. Which, of course, makes you feel good. It’s a positive spiral.

Who wouldn’t want this for themselves? AND for our children? AND REALLY, isn’t this the kind of change most of us come to homeschooling looking for?

The “ideas” in this article are great – gratitude, celebrate, laugh, compassion, forgiveness, inspiration, music, exercising, breathing techniques, and good friends.  Those are all things we could use in our lives, right?

Share your ideas on how you create a “flourishing home” and an environment where your children “flourish” with all of us, in the comments below. I’d love to get your thoughts!