I’ve been leading our Women’s Bible study group at church on Wednesday evenings, and we’ve been working our way through Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon. (If you’re looking for a new study, you should really check this out, by the way. IT IS AWESOME. And did I mention how awesome it is?)

I wanted to share this particular quote with you:

Today’s tasks-even the most mundane of them-are often preparation for tomorrow’s calling. They can carry clues to what He is leading us to learn and accomplish as we faithfully serve Him. 

While it might seems comical to find spiritual principle in washing dishes or answering phones at your desk job, God is teaching you faithfulness, diligence, and integrity through every task.  . . . If we take the time to look closely, we might discover that God is using these normal activities to prepare us for future tasks, each duty point to His blessings in our lives.

Sometimes a lesson is teaching us so much more than just that lesson, isn’t it? In homeschool, it might be convincing a child to finish that math worksheet – not just to do the work for a grade or for busy work, but to learn the life lesson of perseverance, and doing your best work every time.

Sometimes that lesson is not just eating the stash of Halloween candy I bought on sale last week. Not just because I’ll need all that next week for the hordes that will come to our front door, but also to practice self-discipline and maintain good health.

When I look at the mundane that I do every day – frankly the stuff in my head I call the drudgery – I can look back on the learning of that lesson in my own life, and how it has prepared me for my “now.” Being required to do lots of chores as a kid? Work ethic and family team work. Doing those chores to my slightly-OCD parents’ exact wishes? Strong attention to detail and an appreciation for doing the job right. Being required to do the chore again until it was done correctly? Getting things done right the first time.

As an adult now, I can see how God is using my daily day-to-day to build me and prepare me for what lies ahead. In fact, by looking at what that list encompasses, sometimes I feel as I’ve getting a glimpse of what is coming and I am intrigued by what that actually might be!

Are you wondering what that picture might be for you? Here is a fun exercise that might help you start putting the puzzle pieces together.

1. What are the routine tasks that are filling your to-do list right now?

2. What skills or lessons do you see that God might be trying to teach you through these tasks? (If this seems difficult to answer, try to think about your recent past. What life lessons did God teach you recently – that perhaps came through dealing with your day-to-day?)

3. Write those lessons in a list. Do they begin to create a picture? For example, here is mine:

  • Strong time management, stronger budgeting skills and financial skills
  • Extra depth of business knowledge and experience
  • Self-confidence in professional experiences
  • Expanded writing reach
  • Role model professionally for my girls
  • Sharing my spiritual experiences with other women
  • Continuing maturity of my girls and my close relationship with them
  • Focusing on priorities and putting first things first
  • Peace and new reliance on God

No, I’m not quite sure of what these things will add up to be. But I can see how God is using the craziness to teach me new things and bring new blessings in my life now and and in the future.

If we do not focus on thanking God for instead of whining about the mundane, we might not ever have our eyes opened to see how God is moving in our lives and what He is trying to prepare us for in the future.