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???????????????????????????????I wanted to share with you some pictures from our trip to Colonial Williamsburg!

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of Colonial Williamsburg’s Homeschool Days. The prices are SOOO much better, and there are lots of events,activities, and “classes” to participate in. Usually they are twice a year, in September and February/March.

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Forget the doghouse, we’ll just put hubby here!

the auctioneer


I apparently was the only one enjoying the auction.


We loved this because we had just finished reading “Farmer Boy”, about Almanzo Wilder and his oxen.

????????   ???????????????????????????????It was so hot while we were there in September! It easily topped 90 degrees the week we there. We ended up having to buy little hats as souvenirs to help protect our fair skin from the sun. A word of warning – the stuff IN Coloninal Williamsburg is ridiculously expensive. Buy your souvenirs at the tacky souvenir shops in the rest of the city!


The Wigmaker

One of the “extra” activities we did (for just $5 more) was a “Be a Soldier” session. They learned to march, throw a hatchet, and pitch a tent. Hubby had even more fun than our girls did. (Youngest was being stubborn and refused to participate.)


Our Oldest with a “Soldier”


March, 2, 3, 4

Food is very expensive in the park as well. So, to save money, we packed lunches, snacks, and water bottles every day in a backpack. We joked how how you could pick out all the homeschoolers, because they brought their own food. The trick that week was to find a shady place to eat it. This was in the gardens of the Governor’s home and it was one of my favorite spots.???????????????????????????????


The Williamsburg Bathroom. Chamber pot anyone?

What ended up being some of our favorite activities were the free classes at the Museum! First of all, it was AIR CONDITIONED. I loved it for that alone. But they also offered two free classes each day, and we did quite a few of them. And the ladies who led the classes were so sweet and patient with all the kids.I would HIGHLY recommend taking anything offered at the Museum.



Creating Our Own Self- Portraits

Our biggest expense in Williamsburg was definitely lodging. For months in advance, I watched Groupon-type offerings, and finally found a fabulous deal at a resort we had stayed at once before. It was a condo-type with a kitchen, which meant we could prep our dinners there. This was important to me since I’m gluten-free – which is sometimes to hard to deal with when traveling. So, we brought several prepped and frozen meals with us, along with breakfast food. When we arrived, we stopped at a grocery store and picked up eggs, milk, and bread. Every morning we stopped for coffee on our way.

We didn’t do much “official” homeschool work that week. I brought some activity pages and colors to occupy the girls at the hotel/condo, but it wasn’t really needed.

Beforehand, we had read some of the American Girl Felicity books, which I highly recommend

So, there ya go. Our trip to Colonial Williamsburg! We spent a week in the area and had a BLAST.

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